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Name/Version: Futility 3.2
Author: Crampe  
Description: Futility v3 is a MaxForLive device that gives you very handy shortcuts that aren't natively implemented into Live.

It works on the currently selected track:

- un/mute the selected track

- un/solo the selected track

- un/arm the selected track

- unmute, unsolo, unarm every tracks

- show/hide the envelope/modulation tab in the detail clip view

- un/fold the selected track

- un/zoom the selected track vertically and horizontally in Arrangement

- toggle play/stop the selected clip (in Session)

- automatic track arming option

- focus to the browser/arrangement/device view (useful for navigating with your keyboard's arrow keys).

Oh, and it also fixes the v2 issue where tracks could get un/muted/soloed/armed when relaunching a set.

Be aware that this device is not meant to record e.g mute/solo/arm automations.
Make sure to not trigger any actions from the device when you're recording something in Live if you have the global automation active otherwise the automation would be recorded for Futility and not for the track itself resulting in weird actions or conflict (Live's "back to automation" triggered/automations disabled).

Release notes:

- fixed Live's undo history being "blocked" after using the Mute button.
- added a midi mappable cmd(ctrl)-S to save your project from any midi controller.
- patch clean up

- zooming wasn't as responsive as expected

Device Details

Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 8
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Feb 06 2019 09:22:20
Date Last Updated: Jun 18 2019 18:00:46
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


damn crampe you did it again :) always coming up with useful features that are missing in ableton. i will buy!

Great device, thank you for the fix on the relaunch!
I've noticed the horiz zoom is less responsive than in Futility II, is it for the different coding?

I purchased this and I have two issues with it.

One is that the automation for recording gets disarmed during playback, making recording automation useless.

- and I wanted to use this for automating recording for the track I have it placed on instead of switching to arm tracks I select.

Hey Orangeslice

This device is not meant to record e.g Mute automations but to add missing shortcuts to get a better mousiness workflow.
So what's happening here is that you're recording automation for the e.g Mute button of Futility, which creates a conflict when playing back afterward.
The buttons on the device have to be automatable to be key/midi mapped, that's just how M4L works, but that's not the point of this device.
I'm gonna edit the device's description to make this clear and warn about automations.

It's also not meant to be used on a single track, but globally. It just works on the currently selected track.


Hey BG23,
good catch! I'm fixing this, thanks for letting me know!

hi Crampe, big fan of your work here and I've already bought some of your devices.

but my macbook ssd harddrive just died and i've lost a bunch of files not being able to recover. if i wrote you my purchase email along with my paypal email (with which i've paid your devices) could you please re-send me my purchased devices?

i just need an email address from you to which i could send my "proof". or are you also active on e.g. muff wiggler where i could send you a pm?

Hey Rozze,

Yeah for sure. PM me from the ableton forum maybe? My username is Valiumdupeuple. or by email by adding after Valiumdupeuple and @, of course.


every time i use futility to mute/unmute a track I lose my ability to undo before I did that. It just gets stuck in a infinite cycle of muting and unmuting every time I ctrl+z
meaning if I delete an audio clip on a track and then I use futility to unmute/mute the track I can't ctrl+z back to the point before I deleted that audio clip

(this also applies for when i use it to solo a track)

If im stupid or doing something wrong please let me know, If not, this is a huge deal breaker for me

I'm running Live 9.7.7 on windows 7 if that matters.

hey johnbootyful
I'll have a look at this issue and post an update. I think I know what's happening.

Hey Crampe, did you ever figure the issue where I would lose my ability to undo after I used the mute/solo buttons?

Hey Johnbootyful
I had a quick look yeah, but the problem is not lying where I thought... which is totally weird. Might be a Max bug that happened during patching.
Anyway, I just need to have a deeper look at my patch... but I didn't really had time to do it, sorry. Will do asap.
(btw, this bug also personally annoys me...)

Hi Crampe, just discovered and bought this device! I've used Ableton for 8 or 9 years and I'm really looking forward to speeding up my workflow with this! Just wanted to follow up on the Undo issue brought up last month. Wondering if any progress has been made? Thank you!

Hey there,
Sorry about my lack of feedback about the mute/undo issue.
I tried to solve this, and it should have been easy... BUT, at the moment my conclusion is that we're facing a silly Live/M4L bug actually.
The issue doesn't make sense at all, and the reason why I think it's a bug is that, if muting is a problem then soloing and arming should too as all these 3 functions are patched the exact same way.
I need to get in touch with ableton about this.
sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, the mute/undo issue is fixed. Thanks for your patience.


I used the V2 frequently the last years. Thanks for the tool. One thing that bothered me a lot was that after reopening the project all my mute/unmute stats where gone. In other words all tracks where unmuted even if that wasn't saved in that state. In the composing stage I mute a lot of different ideas and leave the main groove working. Opening up you have to guess again what was muted as backup or different version.

Is it still the case with 3.2?


Hey mike8040,
Yeah it's fixed in v3 :-)

Thanks for the reply Crampe. Then it goes straight to the cart :)

Argh can't edit. I installed it now. The mute behavior is strange. I mapped it to the key M. One click to mute but I need 2 clicks to unmute the track.

Arm and solo doesn't have this issue. Whats wrong?

Hi Mike,

there was an issue with the Mute feature that used to block the undo history.
Honestly, I never understood what's the reason for this bug, and why it only affects muting and not soloing/arming... the patching is similar for all of them.
So I came up with a workaround fix... apparently this created a new bug, at least for you.
I'll have a look asap.
sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for response. Yes unfortunately the plugin has a weird behavior. I found out the mapping browser/arrangement/device mapping doesn't work at all. I mapped a dozen different keys but nothing happens besides Live refreshing the interface. Nothing fancy running here and the latest Live GM release.
For now the plugin unfortunately not usable for me. Hope you can find a fix for it. Greetings

Hey Mike,
sorry to hear that.
You should try using Futility within an empty set containing just one track, no other plugins, remote script etc... And see how it works. There's probably something conflicting with Futility in your setup.

Hey Crampe, appreciate you dealing with the undo issue. Some of the key-mapping issues Mike mentioned are happening for me as well in an empty set with no other plug-ins or anything. The Solo and Record buttons toggle as expected, but the Mute button requires a double press to toggle either way. The same thing goes for the browser/arrangement/device switching.

Hey Solomonki, thanks for your feedback.
It seems like a very few people (not even 1%!) are experiencing this problem. That's really bugging me out.
I have to think of an other way of using buttons for key mapping.
Stay tuned, and sorry for the hassle.

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