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Thanks for response. Yes unfortunately the plugin has a weird behavior. I found out the mapping browser/arrangement/device mapping doesn't work at all. I mapped a dozen different keys but nothing happens besides Live refreshing the interface. Nothing fancy running here and the latest Live GM release.
For now the plugin unfortunately not usable for me. Hope you can find a fix for it. Greetings

Argh can't edit. I installed it now. The mute behavior is strange. I mapped it to the key M. One click to mute but I need 2 clicks to unmute the track.

Arm and solo doesn't have this issue. Whats wrong?

Thanks for the reply Crampe. Then it goes straight to the cart :)


I used the V2 frequently the last years. Thanks for the tool. One thing that bothered me a lot was that after reopening the project all my mute/unmute stats where gone. In other words all tracks where unmuted even if that wasn't saved in that state. In the composing stage I mute a lot of different ideas and leave the main groove working. Opening up you have to guess again what was muted as backup or different version.

Is it still the case with 3.2?