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AuDi -audio to midi synth- Version 1.1
Rec Midi CC Version 1.0
ClipAutomation Version 1.0
ClipAutomation with encoders LED feedback Version 1.0
ClipAutomation with LED feedback update Version 1.0.1
ClipAutomation update Version 1.0.1
Futility II Version 2.0
SessionLooper Version 1.0
SL4P - Session Looper For Push Version 1.1
Push-Global Quant Version 1.2
Push-Master Volume Version 1.0
Push-ArrangeMode Version 2.1
LF8 Version 1.0
BlastHard - transparent mixing Hard-Clipper Version 1.1
Push Snap n Scale Version 1.0
Panarchy lite - Define your own pan laws Version 1.2
eCo Version 1.4.1
Panarchy - Define your own pan laws Version 1.4.1
articulaCtion Version 1.3.1
outist - insist Version 1.5
Push-Scaleton Version 1.2
BiP - bounce in place Version 1.7
BiP free - bounce in place Version 1.0
NeutronPreset Version 1.1
BadHaas Version 1.0
Futility Version 4.0.4
SAVE Version 1.0
ElectRhythm Version 1.0
Scop Version 1.0
SnapShooter - Universal Variations control Version 2.0
ClipGain - under your mouse Version 1.7
DocPhase - 3D Stereo Version 1.3
LoadeR - load devices with shortcuts Version 1.3
OctaFizz Version 1.0
Tab4Live Version 1.0
SnapShooter LITE Version 2.0
DiP Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 13,304

Comments by Crampe


I emailed you ;-)

BTW, I wrote "and uploaded the device to P3S, which works perfectly" without a question mark (?), that's just an emoji that didn't like, apparently.
The device perfectly works on P3S.

Hey mate!
I've to spend more time with it; so far I'm not really into how the device sounds with too much gain but the crunchy sounds (which is what I'm searching for usually, as I'll drive with fuzz pedals when I want dirt) are definitely better than Amp, so kudos on this; we're not having the unrealistic "ghost crunch/distortion" that Amp has and that I can't stand.
The way Granite responds to dynamic is not very natural, but as I said I need to spend more time understanding how it behaves as I have the feeling that it's manageable with good settings... plus that's definitely THE topic with amp simulations (and amps in general) and so it's probably very hard to implement (I imagine you would need to stack more drive+eq stages, but I might be wrong).
I took a moment to quickly add parameters into a live.banks object and uploaded the device to P3S, which works perfectly 👍
I'll complete the Push parameter's mapping and I'll be very happy to send you the device if you want to share a Push-ready update.

Can't wait to try this one out!
Ableton (Softube's) Amp is definitely not able to give us realistic amp tones. It's great for many stuff and even for guitar if you need unrealistic tones, but not when you want a simple straightforward guitar amp sound.
Not a big deal to use a 3rd party plugin, but it's not an option on P3S; let's see if Granite sounds good and works on P3S.

This by design and nothing changed recently.

As per the User Guide:
"Select an audio clip, press the key(s) you’ve mapped. This will pop-up a window, UNDER YOUR MOUSE, with the clip’s gain/transpose fader/knob etc... "

@azaty: nope, that's not part of the current features set.

Hey Demian
I already got a few emails about users complaining that you're using the same name as my own Clip Gain device, that it's confusing etc...
Why not giving this page's title the same name as your actual device's name?
That'd be appreciated and show respect for others' work.

You've no idea how much I'd love this too!
But unfortunately these parameters aren't accessible by M4L atm...

I didn't change anything in this area, so I have no clue... Are you sure about this?

the midi crop feature only works in the detailed clip view/piano roll.
Let's say you selected a part of your midi clip (in the piano roll) and pressed cmd+L to loop this area, and you don't need to content outside of the loop brackets: that's where you'd use ClipGain's Crop button.

You have an instance of Granulator in your live set, right?
Make sure to update it to the latest version, they added an option to stop this Max Console window from poping up, this is a developer tool, this was left there by error.
As for the "errors", they have absolutely no impact.

I can't reproduce, and it's actually the 1st time I'm hearing about such issue.
Are you on Win or OSX?
Could you contact me via email, so we can sort this out?
Just answer to your Gumroad receipt and it'll go straight to my emails.


"- let us control the currently selected Tracks Fader (=Volume), with the option to set the Maximum value of the Fader, so the maximum position of the midi assigned controller Fader won't be forced to be +6db, but could also be +0. :)"
>> Interesting idea, will think about it.

- "- let us control the available Sends of the selected Track (or at least 3 Sends)."
>> It's already possible via the floating window ;-)

no, you don't have anything else to buy,
read this article that'll explain more precisely the steps I described earlier:

this just popped up for some users since the L11.2.10 update.
Which OS are you using?
The solution is to download the latest Max standalone on Cycling74's site, and then set is as your M4L "runtime" in Live's Preferences.
Sorry for the hassle, not my fault! 😉

That's beyond the scope of the device I'm afraid, sorry!

REX is an old file format. The REX warp option actually appears in Live too, but only when such a file is selected. I decided to keep it in my device in case someone uses this type of file ;-)

as a workaround you can use the dB value at the bottom instead, if you slide up/down from here you won't get any jump.

@lazlow Interesting! I don't have any Windows machine to test... but I'd be surprised such a different behaviour would exist between the two OS, that sounds like a serious UX inconsistency!

It's exactly the same behaviour as the clip gain slider in Live here... (and btw, I can't do anything about it, that's how those GUI are designed)
Which Live version are you using?

Would be interesting to link the forum discussion ;-)

thx for the heads up @AndrewBright
Pretty sure I can't do anything about it and that it's Ableton's side... fortunately there's no reason for not using any audio interface with a DAW so I'm pretty sure this is actually not a real issue ;-)

are you on OSX? Using Live in fullscreen?

I know, but atm I can't do anything about it. This is due to the unconventional way Ableton scaled the clips' gain fader. They're aware of this - they actually gave me this explanation - and they might or might not "fix" this in the future.

Yeah, I'd love to know, but M4L doesn't have access to this unfortunately.

Hey Axis08
Haha, well GUI...
I think pAnarchy and DocPhase are actually quite usable, but I definitely have a lot of devices with awful GUI.
L'habit ne fait pas le moine ;-)
So many plugins are 95% about pretty GUI, but under the hood they simply offer nothing... I'm not into this game, sorry.

thx for the suggestions
It's definitely not on my TODO list for ClipGain, but I'm taking notes.


- Bouncing multiple tracks individually isn't possible, but you can bounce multiple tracks together, though.

- Are you sure you're not hovering too hard? 😄

Hey @lolski
Sorry for the belated answer.
These are things I remember trying to implement, but I think I did hit a wall because of something not behaving as expected... but that was a long time ago I can't remember exactly.
I'll make sure to look at it again once I'll start working on the next update.

Once again brilliant Iftha!

Hi skltrxr
Yep, I'm now aware and it's a Live bug, actually.
I reported to Ableton, so let's hope they can fix this soon.

The device has no option to swap a device (you can use Live's hotswap feature though).

It's not expected that a new device will be created and added both to the right AND the left side of the selected one...
Are you sure LoadeR is sitting in your Master track (or a dedicated "Utility" track)?
Are you sure you don't have multiple LoadeR instances which don't have the same "insert position" setting?

I'm not sure I understand your question @Soundart001...
"follow the timeline"?? Do you mean on Push's screen? Like a having the Arrangement Overview displayed on the screen?
In this case the answer is no.

that's probably because you're using the Apple Silicon compatible version (PAM v2.1). Since you're running in Rosetta, please try the previous PAM v2.0 version and let me know if it solves your issue.

As mentioned several times in the comments here, unfortunately M4L doesn't allow editing several clips simultaneously...

I didn't get any report like yours.
Even though it worked with older Live version, why aren't you updating to the latest one (L11.1.6)?

Live has true stereo panning since L10 (or was it L11?): simply right click a track's pan knob and you'll see the option appear...

You can edit the value down to 1st.
I just checked and it looks like you need to drag the number box with some more "force" than expected because otherwise it would get "stuck" at 7...
Not sure why it's happening, that's weird, but if you go up and down a couple times it'll work (or edit the dB number box and go back to the st one).
I'll have a look at this, no idea when it's started to happen.

@jinci: I don't fully understand, could you be more precise?
@iopapadopoulos: unfortunately M4L doesn't offer this option atm...
@Kilowlee: excellent ideas!

no MhZ, the Varaitions implementation in M4L doesn't offer this possibility as of today.

Yeah, if I remember well it has to do with the source/destination selector... which is a built-in M4L "object". You should experience the same issue with e.g Ableton's Surround Panner device.

if Record is enabled then the changes will be recorded to the rack's Macros yes.

don't worry, you'll get an email ;-)

the window appears at your current mouse position.

yeah, that's just a GUI bug, nothing to worry about, and it'll be fixed in the next update ;-)

Yep, the fix is dead easy: update your Granulator to the latest version, it offers an option to bypass this automatic popup window ;-)

Hey Ivancanalejo
thanks for pointing this out!
I updated the device but it looks like I forgot to update the gum road link indeed, stupid me...

Hey Lorenzzzzo
It's not the purpose of the device (and it's not going to be), but you're welcome experimenting with it ;-)

Dennis, that is simply awesome!
Now you just need to harass everyone at the office for this feature to be implemented in L12 :-)

No output...

Btw LWT, it'd be fairplay to at least use a device's name different to my own ClipGain device...
That's very misleading and I got complains about this.

Well, there's no reason to put it before a MPE Control instance, really! Unless you're talking about a rack where MPE Control is the first device?

I just sent an MPE compatible update. Check you inbox/spams or download it from Gumroad.

The point of this release was to make sure it is solid and user-friendly as possible.
Now we can start thinking about adding features ;-)

I'll check this.
Is it happening all the time or only in certain situations?

Sure, let's fix this asap!

That's an awesome news 11olsen!

write me an email by answering to your Gumroad receipt.

M4L devices don't have a "save as default" option. But the settings are saved by the Live Set, so yes, save it as part of your default template.
(of course, you'd need to set the device in your old sets, but I can't tdo anything about this)

Hey TruthOrDarren
Did you check LoadeR's user guide? There's a detailed explanation of how to set this up.

hey stefanroscovan,
a silicon version will be released as soon as possible, but it's not totally up to me.
The sooner the better but atm I can't give any deadline.

Hey prizzle9,
the time needed for your sound to be converted from digital to analog depends on your computer + sound card. Outist's processing doesn't add latency afaik, but you can't fight against the laws of nature that applies to get the waves out of your speakers. I'm surprised that you're seeing more delay compare to the External Audio Effect, but unfortunately I can't help here.
While it's possible to use Outist to send signals to physical output it was mainly designed to route stuff internally, so if you like External Audio Effect works best in some situations, just go for it ;-)

All these features are found in this version:

Very useful device... but it doesn't pass thru any other midi messages, not even notes, which is quite inconvenient (but an easy fix) ;-)

Hy Simonkang,
yes I'm aware. It's on my todo list for the next update ;-)

Not related to this device that I didn't download, but I love you buddy!

I think your pressing the button(s) with your mouse, right?
Maybe I didn't make it clear enough in the documentation, but BiP is meant to be used with key/midi mapped shortcuts, not to be used with the mouse... that would totally ruin the idea which is to improve workflows by giving a quick bounce-in-place (simply by pressing a dedicated key).

(FYI, since M4L GUI buttons have never been designed to be used as shortcuts, making them work this way requires a workaround... and this workaround makes pressing the buttons with the mouse not react as you would expect.)

To be more precise it's crashing L11.1b when running both in Silicon and in Rosetta mode.
No problem with L11.0.12 on the same machine.

Hey Maximes,
Are you aware that MDD_GDM is crashing Live11.1b on m1 Mac (running Big Sur here)?
It doesn't crash Max Standalone though.

hey discoparadis
Regarding LoadeR, it's not entirely up to me to make it fully m1 compatible, but I'm doing my best to make it happen as fast as possible.

hey markusschloesser,
Do you see my contact email in Gumroad?

that's probably because you're using VST3 I suppose. VST3 have a "soft bypass" (or whatever it is called) and L11 can benefit from this.

Haha, nice move ;-)

@Yentz: nope

Glad you enjoy it!
This could go deeper but I wanted the rack to use the least amount of devices.

Hey Zenodub.
No problem here with L11.1, but I'm still on an Intel mac. Are you using a silicon mac?

You can email me by answering the gumroad receipt you got from purchasing the device;-)

Hey Prizzle9
That's surprising. Which Live (and Max) version are you using?
Win or Mac?
I can't reproduce in L11/10.

Hey Paysonc,

How often is this happening?

Are you sure you didn't press one of the resample buttons while the global record (+automation record) was on? This would create an automation on the resample button and then look like BiP is being triggered "randomly".

If it's midi mapped, can you make sure that your midi controller isn't sending messages when it shouldn't.

Hey Nickygdj

1) it's a clipper, so it simply cuts ("point by points") what exceeds the threshold.

2) You shouldn't use mp3 since you're warping the files. It's fine for playing stuff, but not for tweaking the files...

It's a free device so try it and compare it with your limiter and see what sounds best to you, but you shouldn't necessarily think of a clipper as a limiter alternative, they actually work "best" together. There's a link to some awesome in depth videos about the topic on BlastHards's page, check it out!

I love this device!
I hope you'll implement those ideas you mentioned!
There's a few tweaks that the current version need imo, but let's talk about it later when my hangover will be... over.

The issues you mentioned regarding the routing being lost when moving the device and so on, are definitely M4L bugs. Don't forget to report them to, the more reports the more chance we have to get this fixed asap!

Great take on the already awesome Duck Buddy ;-)

Hey Audiojet,

No problem with L11 here, I never experienced crash due to BlastHard.
You can contact me via email by answering to the gumroad email so we can have a look at what's happening.

@ Teeha

- not transparent enough? I don't agree but that's totally subjective and depends on soo much user settings/preferences (your screen, the Live theme you're using, your sight [e.g I'm colourblind] etc...) , and I think you're the 1st one mentioning it but I could look at adding a user setting for this. Thanks for the idea!

- I can't do anything regarding the focus thing, sorry neither do I regarding how M4L deals with key mapping (which is already quite a nightmare when you're using it to add shortcuts to Live), sorry.

- using Shift is the only way to go...

- same here, that's how the GUI objects work, I can't do anything.


@ Sunbloom, can you send me a screenshot by email (simply answer to the gumroad receipt)
I don't have Big Sur so I'm not sure about what you're describing.

Sure it works on Live 11.

Hey great device!!

Just to let you know that the device crashes Live if you try to select a very large Drum Rack (probably too if it's a huge instrument rack) with lot of chains...
This isn't due to SonicScoop but it's a Live/Max bug, i.e I can reproduce with any other devices that use the BrowseRouting abstraction.
I suspect this is because, or at least related to, large racks mean a lot of chains to populate in the
I've just sent a report to Ableton.

So, don't blame Redmattre!

hey offthesky

Sure, hack it, it's M4L!
LoadeR definitely works on L9 (64bit)/Max8, but no idea about Live 32bit, did you try already?

For other similar devices, you can check Flowstate's Browser Mapper or Shortcut Buddy (from Noir Labs I think) but no idea if those can run on Live 32bit either.

Hey AOpsyche
Please contact me by answering to the Gumroad receipt email. It'll be easier to communicate ;-)

@Atari, indeed!
You gave me the idea of making a floating window version, that you could keep around all the time and use with the mouse.
But, hey shortcuts are queens!

Hey Atari,

That's either because you've tried using multiple instances of the free Lite version,
because you're clicking the slots with the mouse which is not what the device is intent for!
It's specifically designed to work with shortcuts, and since buttons in M4L have never been made to be used as shortcuts it needs workarounds... which interfere with mouse clicking.

Audiojet, I wasn't precise enough:
ONLY vst2 need to be grouped/racked.
Live can save Au and VST3 plugins as .aupreset/.vstpreset, which are files recognized by LoadeR.

Hey AOpsyche,
That's weird, I never experienced this nor get any report like this.
The device is officially L11 compatible.
What's your OS, Live and Max versions?
Does clicking the "init. patch" button on the bottom right-hand side does solve the problem for you?

Hey Audiojet,
It's mentionned in the video demo and in the manual, but it was missing from the device's page, and it's now fixed, thanks!

Hey Teehaa,
I'll check this, thanks!

You're an awesome dude Maxime ;-)

Hey Jarlen,

Unfortunately the (weird) way M4L interacts with keys and keymapping makes this impossible. Sorry.

Also, it'dbe nice to disable the "is_mpe enabled" attribute as it's an audio device and could confuse people to see "MPE" in the device title bar. ;-)

Awesome! It was on my to-do list; it's not anymore :-)

One issue: the Depth knob on Push isn't bound to the actual knob on the device. I haven't open up the device yet, though, but that'll be a quick fix.

Hey EyaaaiT
the Crop feature only works with MIDI clip.
Key/midi map the CROP button.
Now, if you modify the clip start/end and/or loop start/end points of a clip, press your new shortcut and it will crop the clip.
It works both in Arrangement and in the piano roll; in Arrangement you can also use the native cmd/ctrl+j to consolidate, that will give you the same result (but consolidate doesn't work in the piano roll, hence this CROP feature).

Same here, the mapping aren't saved on preset/set reload.

Wouldn't it be more handy if it had a floating window?