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About synnack: Hi, I created I host it and act as the community moderator.
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synnack is the artistic moniker of Clint Michael Sand. Defying an easy description, synnack is perhaps best described as experimental electronic music fused with new media performance mediums.

Blurring the lines between art installations, music concerts, and audio releases, synnack combines dark ambient/IDM/Glitch-styled sound generation using custom software environments, with analog modular synthesis to manipulate audio and video into sensory experiences ranging from visceral to cerebral. On stage, synnack leverages live sequencing, dynamic video processing, and dub-inspired mixing techniques such that no two synnack performances are the same. In addition to his own work, synnack collaborates with Jennifer McClain on video based performances and art installations.
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Devices by synnack

LineFO Version 1.6
ChangeClipColorWhenPlayed Version 1.2
Float Mixer Version 1.0
getLivePath Version 1.0
Simple RMS Meter Version 1.01
Clip Loop Monitor Version 1.1
Ganz Graf Mod X Version 1.0
Liquid Rhythm Version 1.2.2

Total Downloads: 60,869

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Simple yet brilliant idea.


@Crampa to have this site send you emails when people comment on your devices just login and go here to and turn it on:

@greaterthanzero fixed

Actually, I think it does indeed support .gif, .jpg, and .png. can you try to upload it with a .png and see if it works?

You posted this device twice. I'm going to delete the duplicate. You should also provide what error you got when you tried to post a screenshot. Working fine for others so i can help you get yours uploaded.

Zip files posted to must contain at least one .amxd file per the terms of service:

Please upload a version with amxd or we'll have to delete this.

I'm sure they can be. Hit the edit button and add them. :-)

@Mprod Link works here.

License changed to Commercial


Same here, looks like the full device file is not uploaded.

Here you go @MGK.

Lucky for you I still had it in my library.

@olivereks link seems to work for me (though did take a while to load)

Note: I deleted the comment by nani as it violates the terms and conditions of using this site by referring to someone as a "faggot".

@nani consider this a final warning. Next time I will have to delete your account.

The link to your device is broken. Please fix it or I will have to remove this device from the library.

Some of my favorite devices are the simple ones. :)

zach, this link do your device seems broken now. please fix it or I will have to remove this entry from the library.

The link to your device is broken. please fix it or I will have to remove this entry from the library.

@Anivia would you prefer something like Disqus? see

briggy. Terms of the site state that if you're going to post a mod (you're welcome to) you should give credit to the original author. You credit yourself for the mod, but not the original creator.

Fix that?

Great work! It sounds great and is not actually that bad on the CPU.


They are .amxd files it does't really matter where you put them. You could drag them right from your desktop straight into live for example. Or put them somewhere that your Live browser scans and drag them from there. Up to you where you put them.

Not currently but I'll add that feature to the new design I'm working on.

The reason to use this format is that in the new the links that use the ?blah=blah&blah=blah syntax won't work anymore.

FYI you should use this link if you want to link people to a list of all your devices on


The ability to edit comments is a disaster. Especially for archival and searching for future users.

Imagine this:

User1: "you suck I hate you".
User2: "you suck and i hope you go away"
User1 edits comment to "i love you"

Now, forever the thread makes no sense and makes user2 look like a bad person when it was user1 to blame.

Editing comments would create many problems in a place where there is no moderation. I'd rather have little moderation but no editing of comments.


Devices that cannot be edited are forbidden by the terms of service. From

15. Only free devices should be hosted on Do not post any device files that cannot be edited or that require payment to use or edit fully.

Please fix this or I'll have to delete this device from the library.

What keyboard encoding do you have set on your computer? Trying to track down how to fix that formatting error in your description likely caused by keyboard encoding.

Why did you post this twice?

Very cool idea.

Many of you are commenting how great this device is, yet it has no ratings. Why aren't you also rating this device highly if you think this device is good?

Just trying to understand why no one seems to be using the ratings feature on this site but it's a popular feature of every other site.

@PeterMcCulloch the download link is dead. Please fix or I will have to delete this entry in the site.

Link is here.

Science, the link works fine for me in Safari on a Mac. Does this work for you? I put it on my dropbox for you.

There is no reason to include the Live and Max versions in the name of the device since that data is specifically captured and shown with each device in the details.

There is no reason to include the Live and Max versions in the name of the device since that data is specifically captured and shown with each device in the details.

There is no reason to include the Live and Max versions in the name of the device since that data is specifically captured and shown with each device in the details.

Thanks Tom. I fixed it. You can put in tom_cosm now.

Also, promote yourself by updating this:

Nice. You should make the flip side too. API to an outgoing OSC path. Useful for sending parameter data to a an effect in a VJ app for example.

Nice one Tom! Many people will want this. (Also, why don't you update your profile on to drive more people to your site?)

Cool thanks. Was this work actually done at a M4L Hack event? (since you used that tag)

can you add the new "Push" tag for this device?

can you add the new "Push" tag for this device?

Patrick, can you add the new "Push" tag for this device?

John, you just want to be able to select some notes in a clip and hit a button to randomize them? That would be pretty easy.

what a simple and great idea. If only the Sampler GUI updated when receiving that data. But still, useful!

just out of curiosity, what did you have to do to "fix it" to work in L9?

Wallace, this device uses a 3rd party external that is 32bit only. So if you're using the 64bit version of Live and Max, you will get that. See

Would be nice to be able to disable the up/down buttons ONLY when in note mode but not in session mode. Every time i hit one of those during a performance i get crazy results if i forget to switch to session mode first.

@BentoSan Multiple users have reported that the download link for this device does not work, even after registering on your site. Please fix it or I will be forced to remove this device from the library.

Nice! Much asked for feature.

Sure insanity. Email me your version at info@maxforlive and I'll take a look.

The link you posted requires that users register before downloading. Though this is not strictly forbidden by the terms of this site, it sure is annoying and users are reporting the link as broken as a result.

Is there no way you can just post the file here? or link to a page to directly download it?

Can't you do this already with Live's "record quantization" feature?

From manual:

16.5 Recording Quantized MIDI Notes - If you will be recording MIDI, you have the option of automatically quantizing MIDI notes while recording. The Record Quantization chooser in the Edit menu allows selecting the meter subdivisions with which your recorded notes will align.

Please don't post the same device twice. You should update the same device entry in the library with the new version each time rather than post the new version as a new device.

@diego19187 why don't you freeze this device so users do not have issues with the external?

Cool. I need to figure out a way to associate mods on the site. So like you can "fork" an existing device and mod it but be able to pull a list of all mods of a given device. More like Github collaboration. I've always wanted to see this kind of thing.


@greaterthanzero I'm not sure the issue you describe applies anymore with Max 6.1. Now all devices get frozen as "projects" with unique folder structures and relative paths. I don't believe the matrix.png issue would exist.

You should freeze your device. That way the image and javascript file are included in the .amxd. There is no need to have a user put things in directories with the Freeze feature.

Read more here:

The link to this device is broken. @mlostekk please fix it or I will have to delete this reference from the site. Thx.

@32SKINS yes, you could easily extend the device and add that option for midi. You could also use clip envelopes to create rhythms of on and off of the device to the music too.

look at the version i posted for Franky. It shows you examples of how you might change the color both of the background and the foreground.

Hi @sk8erve yes you can do that. But the community rewards it's own. Meaning, if you put some effort into learning Max it will pay off much more than this one device. If you have questions while learning we are happy to help.

I recommend that you start with some youtube videos. There are many out there that show you the basics of Max and Jitter. If by watching the videos you think it's something you want to still get into, I can recommend other resources too. But there's so much already on youtube I'd start there.

For example:


that should give you the basic idea. That version lets you mess with the background and foreground colors.

@pats no but you can edit the max patch and add in a video recorder. The simple solution is to just use screen capture software. Even default quicktime does this on OS X. Or you could use Syphon to get it into some other VJ app. Many options.

Login, then go to each device. There is a Delete button (and edit button).

so for example, login, go here, hit delete...

why did you post this device 3 times? Please delete two.

Finally a device with Mystery Gain!

Replaced interface objects with live.* ones so you can mess around and save presets in Live's browser. Great fun:

Wouldn't freezing the device remove the requirement to deal with the .class file?

@pishposh86 there is an envelope follower you can map to anything in the Max for Live Essentials pack that comes with Live 9

why did you post this device twice? can you delete one of them?

why did you post a new entry for this instead of just updating the other one?

Hi Mixnar. I just did a simple test and for me all settings are stored within the set. However I'm only using Max 6.1 and Live 9 now. What versions are you using? Do you get errors in the Max window?

:-) great idea.

It already does 2, 4, and 8 bars though. That's what the "2.0.0" and 4.0.0 and 8.0.0 settings do in the rate drop down.

Sure thing Redoom. How long would you like?

good idea!

FYI. Live 9 comes with a really good device randomizer!

FYI for fans of this device. I made a mod of it that lets you float the mixer. So you can have it on a second monitor for example while you have arrangement view on the 1st.

Download here:

Those bang buttons could be live.button and therefor midi mappable.

Vayner, your site has been down for a while now and the link to this device is broken. I will send you an email to see if we can correct this but if it's not i'll have to delete this entry from the Library. Let me know how I can help.

FYI. To download this device from this link I have to right click and select "Download linked file as.." (Safari) otherwise it opens as text. So the link does work but not just by clicking on it, you have to right click to save it.

@gelsol any chance you can upload an ableton live set somewhere for me so I can test and try to fix your issue? That's nearly impossible for me to fix if I don't have a file to reproduce the issue.

If you could try max 5.1.9 and Live 8.3 first that would be great. If nothing like this works on any like device I doubt it's a problem with my particular device.

But before we go changing it, trying 8.3. and 5.1.9 is a good start. Even support would have you do that.

You can get Max 5.1.9 here


What version of Max? What version of Live? What OS?

What errors do you see in the Max window if any?

What specifically happens when you try to map it to something? (i.e. what does 'don't work' mean)

No. I think i added the references and hide references in 2010.

At that time the Terms page was updated to say:

"Users who post "references" in the library (device entries without the .amxd file itself) must include a link where users can buy, or download the referenced device. Links must go directly to pages where a user can download, or purchase your device within 2 clicks."

note "buy" and "purchase". It still remains true that all devices you can download from are free.

This site only hosts free devices. However this entry is not a device hosted here. It is a reference to a device elsewhere. Some of us want a single place for all available devices but a way to easily filter non free from your view. All you need to do to hide these from your view is choose "hide references" on the main Library page.

I fully support vendors offering paid devices to post them here but only as a reference. Just hide them from your view with a single click.


Why not "Freeze" your device so the external is included in the .amxd file?

Why not "Freeze" your device so the external is included in the .amxd file?

I changed the url to link to the download page on for this device:


mpe, when it's synced to tempo, it already seems to retrigger to me. yes?

If you "freeze" the device then upload it, it will include the required .js file and be portable and much easier for users.

You might want to read through this:

Lot's of good tips like that.

You should replace your number boxes and dials with the live.* versions. That way users can save presets and automate those parameters in their Live sets.