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Name | Version: FM JoMoX AiR Base 99 Control 0.8
Author: delaneyparker
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Max4Live control for the JoMoX AirBase99.

The JoMoX AirBase99 control uses CC messages to control the drum synth parameters in real time. This drum machine sounds amazing, and having 'knob' control really takes it to the next level. Plus, since the knobs are Live objects, you get all the automation and storing features for free! Also included are Bank / Kit selection menus and a sync button. The sync button re-sends all knob data to the JoMoX, which is handy if you just loaded a new kit and want to get back to the settings you had before.

* 2016-11-23 * New in v0.8 *
- BIG UPDATE! Many many thanks to Jojo for figuring out how to get parameter changes from the JoMoX into Live! Now, with a little configuration work (details below) you can enjoy true bi-directional goodness! Please let us know if you run into any issues. Since m4l only keeps the most recent device version, you can find earlier versions here:

Instructions to get bi-directional messages working:
- Connect MIDI OUT from the JoMoX to your computer / audio interface MIDI IN. Be sure to also route that MIDI to the track with this m4l patch in Live.
- Enable "Snapshot Send" on your Airbase, please read the manual how to do that: page 13 on the bottom.
- You can also enable the "Transmit Controller" option and the JoMox will send the values when changing them directly using the value knob.

* 2014-11-28 * New in v0.7 *
- Sample Select + Reverse for Rim Shot, Claps, HiHat, Cymbol, Ride (thanks bollum)

* 2011-04-06 * New in v0.6 *
- LFO controls (thanks Basmund)
- Better parameter naming for easy automation
- Mute buttons (gray = muted)
- Bank / Kit select bugfix


Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.3
Date Added: Mar 11 2010 13:08:10
Date Last Updated: Nov 23 2016 15:00:04
Downloads: 4841
License: None
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Device File: FM JoMoX AiR Base 99 Control v0.8.amxd


You F**King rock. Thank you!
yes very good job !!!! thank you
just amazing! cant wait!!
So Cool.... Two Big Thumbs Up!
this is great !
Hi nice attempt at creating what could be a great module.

Some problems Im experiencing...

1. The Bank select does not work - it is not changing the banks on my airbase. Or it is only selecting bank 000.

2. The program select cycles only through 127 programs. ie when I select program 128 on your module.. the jomox says its patch 001, and 129 is 002 and so on.

It would be nice if sync work by getting the setting rather then pushing the setting onto the jomox. Id rather, once Ive selected a program have the dial be that program, otherwise when I change them, Ive now lost the program I was looking for. might be worth having another sync button. So you have two, sync pull (pull the data), sync push (push the data).

The naming of the CC in the automation menu looks odd and not very intuitive. it would be better to have the actual function labeled rather then b-db-ctrl[1] for instance. that means nothing to most people. Also this menu seems a bit glitchy to use, is this max4live doing this? As the Ableton menu here is normally very smooth.

anyway great work so far - looking forward to the updates
Thanks for the feedback fudog. I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can.

Bank/Kit select - This works for me, and I'm using the MIDI messages recommended in the manual to do it... hmm. What version of the firmware are you running? I suspect we may be running different versions and that could be the problem.

Sync button - I'm not sure pulling is possible. Right now, the Sync button basically spins through all the parameters and sends the knob data out to the JoMoX via CC messages. I don't believe there is a way to 'read' this data from the JoMoX short of doing something clever with SysEx, and even then I'm not so sure... I can look into it.

CC naming / automation - Yeah, this was a known problem going in. Basically it was me being lazy and letting m4l auto name my controls instead of naming each one myself (there are so many!). It definitely does suck and I need to fix it, I'm just having trouble finding the block of time to do it.

Updates - Yes! There are some coming, a YouTube user - Basmund has contributed controls for the LFOs and I'm contemplating adding mute and/or solo buttons, so stay tuned!
hey, this is a very cool and usefull tool !
it will be perfect, if there implemitate the features of the the 1.15 firmware.....

Sample select with Controller 62

Sample| 909 | 808 | CR78 | JMX
HiHat | 0 | 1 | 2 | 3
Rim | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Clap | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11
Crash | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15
Ride | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

Sample-reverse with Controller 62

Reverse|off | on
HiHat |20 | 21
Rim |22 | 23
Clap |24 | 25
Crash |26 | 27
Ride |28 | 29

HiHat Source with Controller 62

Source| Normal | Filter | Noise
Wert | 32 | 33 | 34

save Instruments with
Controller 62 ? value: 64

#Dump Request#

Start JMX-ID OP-Code Dev.-ID EOX

it would be great if you make this possible ;)
Looks promising but how do I use this? I mapped a few keys to the kick/snare and pressed them but I got no sound.

A small "How To" guide would be great.
thanks for this great tool!any chance of xbase888 version?
I took a quick look at the xbase888 manual and a lot of the MIDI CC values are the same. There is a good chance you can control most if not all of the xbase888 drum parameters with this patch as-is. Give it a shot and let us know! :-)
What about the sample selector? As bollum said will be great! :)
Hey thanks for the replies Danny,

just a couple years later lol - I just remembered to check if you updated (been out of producing for a I'll be downloading the latest and give it a go mate.

Hey! I have a JoMoX XBase 09... Does anybody fancy helping me mod this patch to work for one? Can I edit this btw? Alot of the same knobs do their job already. Thanks
tomobri3n at gmail dot com
I finally purchased 1.15 ROMs and added sample select + reverse. Enjoy!
Hi there. Not sure if a revelant question here. But is the step sequncer reproducing the 909 Shuffle as well?
Hi Delaney,
I found a way to receive the parameters of the presets that are stored on the Airbase itself. I am halfway through with the implementation.
Please contact me, I would like to talk about collaborational release possibilites: j t a t p e e k - a - b o o d o t a t
all the best
@Jojo and Delaney: Did you find a way to implement this, and will it make it into this device? It would be fantastic to update the parameters in the device from loaded presets on the Airbase. Thanks!
Hey Delaney and Jojo!
Had already a good working Editor but bi-directional->really wanna have it...but for clearance-> bi-directional = device shows / gets parameter values from airbase saved patterns automatically
(thats bi-directional to me)

If yes, it doesn´t do it:((

-> MIDI OUT JOMOX to MIDI IN Interface -> check
( Connection for sure OK, Ableton shows incoming Midi information when f.e. using the value knob )
-> Enable Snapshot and Transmit Controller -> check
-> in the MIDI track with the Airbase mfl. device i set MIDI from to the right Midi-Channel...

So summary:
Does bi-directional mean device shows parameter values from airbase saved patterns..(if not what else?)
If yes, what did i do wrong? -> maybe MIDI settings or anything?

Plz and thanks for help....
Hi thx first for this really nice and use full tool !!!
Like "vogltek" I plugged and follow all the instructions correctly but i can't see where you can call the preset of the machine into the the Maxforlive instrument ?
you Have the sync button where you can send parameters to the Jomox but any to do the invers. What you call i guess "bi-directional"
Can you explain where to find this fonction ?

Many thx

Ahaha ! I find It Was just the " midi From" add to be setup on "all ins" in ABLETON

Awesome Controler !
I think everybody, their moms and pets are using your editor with their Airbase. I am sailing on a different boat tho, as I use Lemur for most things.

I cannot help but wonder, how did you control the LFO speed / depth? And are you able you pull the kit params from the Airbase? Those aspects are not covered in any reference that i know of... If you give me just a hint i will dive into dark sysex...
Yeh - couldn't get a squeak out of this....Does it work with live10? Only nothing joins up. I am tech-stupid tho
Hi Trotskysghost, I don't have the Airbase anymore unfortunately but could try to help anyway. Since is not optimal for this kind of communication I suggest you open a thread in the maxforlive section of Please just ping me there and I'll see what I can do.

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