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Hey thanks for the replies Danny,

just a couple years later lol - I just remembered to check if you updated (been out of producing for a I'll be downloading the latest and give it a go mate.


Hi nice attempt at creating what could be a great module.

Some problems Im experiencing...

1. The Bank select does not work - it is not changing the banks on my airbase. Or it is only selecting bank 000.

2. The program select cycles only through 127 programs. ie when I select program 128 on your module.. the jomox says its patch 001, and 129 is 002 and so on.

It would be nice if sync work by getting the setting rather then pushing the setting onto the jomox. Id rather, once Ive selected a program have the dial be that program, otherwise when I change them, Ive now lost the program I was looking for. might be worth having another sync button. So you have two, sync pull (pull the data), sync push (push the data).

The naming of the CC in the automation menu looks odd and not very intuitive. it would be better to have the actual function labeled rather then b-db-ctrl[1] for instance. that means nothing to most people. Also this menu seems a bit glitchy to use, is this max4live doing this? As the Ableton menu here is normally very smooth.

anyway great work so far - looking forward to the updates