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Volca Beats Velocitizer Version 1.0.1
Volca Beats JTCTRL Version 0.8.3

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Hi Trotskysghost, I don't have the Airbase anymore unfortunately but could try to help anyway. Since is not optimal for this kind of communication I suggest you open a thread in the maxforlive section of Please just ping me there and I'll see what I can do.

Hi barryshort,
thanks for the kind words, glad you like it! If you have any feature suggestions, just tell me and I'll see what I can do.

Hi ilyaRt,
I just realized your comment, almost years later! I am curious how you'd think of attack/decay controlled could be working or what exact behaviour you thought of?
Thanks for clarifying, if I think it's possible I will look into it!

I am experiencing the same bug. It doesn't reload the curves. I have it in an audio track without an audio effect rack. You are not experiencing this behaviour Tom? I run it in Live 9.7.6 and M4L 7.3.4
Thanks for a short reply with your versions, and if it works for you.
Thanks a lot!
all the best

Hi wzrdzl,
a friend pointed me to this device and with some help from the Ableton Live forum I managed to build a version for the Volca Beats. I stole your idea of the velocity visualisation graph using the multislider object. I had to do it much differently but I learned a lot from doing it.

I would like to release my Volca Beats version on my profile and I would also like to steal your name because I think it's brilliant and tells everything the device is about. Do you mind if I call it "Volca Beats Velocitizer"? Certainly I would point out on the devices page that there is a Volca FM device that was the foundation for my work.

Also my device includes some feedback for you, because I did some similar things a little different from your version (thanks to the help from some guy on Ableton forum who actually did all the hard work, I only had to read and learn to understand it :-).

And last but not least: Thanks for motivating me to finally get into max for live programming! :-)


Hi Delaney,
I found a way to receive the parameters of the presets that are stored on the Airbase itself. I am halfway through with the implementation.
Please contact me, I would like to talk about collaborational release possibilites: j t a t p e e k - a - b o o d o t a t
all the best