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Hey Delaney and Jojo!
Had already a good working Editor but bi-directional->really wanna have it...but for clearance-> bi-directional = device shows / gets parameter values from airbase saved patterns automatically
(thats bi-directional to me)

If yes, it doesn´t do it:((

-> MIDI OUT JOMOX to MIDI IN Interface -> check
( Connection for sure OK, Ableton shows incoming Midi information when f.e. using the value knob )
-> Enable Snapshot and Transmit Controller -> check
-> in the MIDI track with the Airbase mfl. device i set MIDI from to the right Midi-Channel...

So summary:
Does bi-directional mean device shows parameter values from airbase saved patterns..(if not what else?)
If yes, what did i do wrong? -> maybe MIDI settings or anything?

Plz and thanks for help....