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Name/Version: Move Clip Grid - Launchpad - Push - move red box 1.9.1
Author: sharp  
Description: Update 19 June 2022
Updated to support new Novation devices:
- Novation SL MKIII 49
- Launchpad mini
- Launchpad Pro
Device now supports 200+ tracks.

This page contains a MIDI device demo/trial version. Full version available on Gumroad as Audio and MIDI, with 8 presets/slots:

Comment 3 May 2021: Version 1.9 works on Live 11.
Video here:

-- Update v.19 (23 June 2019)
• Selected Control Surface (Push1/2/APCE etc) is saved and loaded correctly, before it had to be selected from the list again. The patch waits 5 seconds to make sure Push has loaded before recalling the setting.
• Previously scene names that only contained numbers wouldn't work, e.g. '4' now any scene name will work (now scene names can be a number only)
• Previously scene names with spaces didn't work, now they do (now scene names can contain spaces).
• Fixed a bug that prevented sessions with a high number of scenes from working, i.e. when there was a high number of scenes, the patch wouldn't workl
• Track and Scene updated from limit of 9999 tracks

As I've put quite a bit of work into this patch and I don't use it for my own live set, I am asking for a small amount to go towards a beer, or some nice biscuit. LEt me know if there's any issues.

--Updated v1.8 (2 May 2016)
Now supports Live 1.6, Push 2 (and Push 1) - BIG THANKS to @atomictag's patch! I've used elements of this to get and move the red session ring after some changes were made to accessing this in Live (and for Push2)

--Updated v1.6 (1 May 2015)
* bugs fixed

--Updated v1.4 (23 Feb 2015)--
* Removed limitation for number of scenes and tracks
* Preset/storage box 3 is now working

Move the control surface red box to up to 8 preset locations!

This device allows you to store 8 preset locations inside of your session that can be jumped to with a single click/midi mapped button.

Choose track and scene name for each preset, then press the button to jump to that location.

See video for quick overview, or click help button inside of the patch for setup details.

- track/scene names cannot be duplicates
- all folded tracks will be unfolded
- there is a small bug where the device won't re-load a preset correctly, if that preset is the same track that the move clip grid device is on, the track dropdown will show 'This track'. To avoid this, use the device on it's own track.
- it's a midi device and should be on it's own track. There is an audio device version available if needed, contact me.

@atomictag's patch is here:

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Downloads: 3256
Tags utility, hardware, dj, push
Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Mar 31 2014 08:47:43
Date Last Updated: Jun 19 2022 14:02:23
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: MoveClipGrid_v1.9i_SLMK3_MIDI_demo.amxd


Thank you so much for creating and providing this program.
It's making my life so much easier.
Not only did you make a great Max for Live Script, but it is also very clean and straightforward.
Wishing you the best.

I keep getting "$" variable out of range (1) and it doesn't save the info for track three. Every time I reopen a set I have to re-enter the info for track three. Everything else works fine. Any ideas? I'm on windows 7.

possible bug report:
I have a dj session with millionz of tracks and scenes, so when I open the menu to select a scene, the list of scenes is split into two columns... and apparently any scene listed in the second column (the second half of all of my scenes) will not work. I push the button and it just will not navigate to it. anything in the first column works fine tho.

btw thank you for this excellent and very useful tool, which I will use a great deal if I can find a workaround for this column problem

sorry for the delay, I don't get email notifications when people post here.

@djzach - do you have more than 666 scenes, or 999 tracks? either way I think I have fixed this bug, new device uploaded.

@upow1234 - new device uploaded, hopefully track 3 works now.

i think i found 1 or 2 bugs.
s --selected_control_surface has no kabel to Select_control_surface


autopattr ?

Thanks, another update coming soon. Any more ideas let me know

unfortunately this is not currently working... i am running live 9.2... after setting up i cannot click or midi map any of the numbers... in fact nothing can be midi mapped, not even the title (midi mapping works on other devices for me, so this is device specific)...

i hope this gets updated as i have been looking for something just like this. hopefully you can also load two or more instances to be able to have more that 8 preset clip view jumps

okay... so if loaded in a blank session i can now click and midi map the buttons... but they don't update the clip view ring at all


It was working fine on Live 9.2.3 and it's so perfect on stage !!!

But it doesn't work with LIVE 9.5 !

Will you update your device ?
It's so helpfull !!!!!!

Thank's !


Thanks for the feedback, didn't realise people were using this so much.

I will update for Live 9.5

Please send any error messages to jsharp seven-the-number at gmail com

You total legend, thanks! I've been after this function for years!!!!

does anyone know if this works with push 2 please?

Yes !!!

Thank you so much !
Your device is a key !!!

I'll send you a message if a see any message, but the thing is that there is just nothing happening.. :-/

Hope you'll get it !



I will updatefor Live 9.5 at he weekend.

I'll also check Push 2 functionality

Bad News - I don't know how to fix this at this stage for Live 9.5 upwards.

There was a change to some back end settings/configuration, so this device no longer works.

From doing initial research, apparently this Isotronik device has similar or the same functionality. It's not free, AND I haven't tried it myself - it is very different to the patch I made. I will update if I find a solution, but I don't see anything likely at this stage.

Hi Sharp,
I'm sorry you can't fix it...
Hope you'll do that one day !
Many thank's for what you've done, and I will come here often to see if you had fix it !
Keep the faith !
I'm going to see what the other plug in does... (the isotonik thing)

All the best for you !

Thanks! There is a small chance I can get it working for Push 1 and Launvhpad under 9.5 and 9.6. Push 2 is too much headache to learn the control script stuff (again), or rather it's not my focus at the moment.

Hi Sharp,
I'm sorry you can't fix it...
Hope you'll do that one day !
Many thank's for what you've done, and I will come here often to see if you had fix it !
Keep the faith !
I'm going to see what the other plug in does... (the isotonik thing)

All the best for you !

Hi Sharp,
I'm sorry you can't fix it...
Hope you'll do that one day !
Many thank's for what you've done, and I will come here often to see if you had fix it !
Keep the faith !
I'm going to see what the other plug in does... (the isotonik thing)

All the best for you !

Please do it for Push 1 !!!

Hi Everyone. NEW UPDATE. Works with Push 1 and Push 2 for Live 1.6

Thanks to @atomictag for using parts of his code

Yeaaaaaah !!!!!

You did it !!!

Thank's to all of you !!!


I love this device!! thanks much for it. I am facing an issue though. Whenever I have a tempo indicated in the scene, the device cannot launch the scene. Any numbers in the scene would cause this behavior. Is this expected or is there anything I can do to fix it?


Is there a way to automate the move of the box?

Unfortunately not, unless you routes the Midi out and back in to control the Midi map buttons.

let me know what you're trying to do, it's probably possible

Hello, anybody else has this problem that all group tracks open up to expose included tracks when using this device? Thanks

ho, I see it now... and I cant erase sorry...

@ ofersmi, yes unfortunately to make the device work it opens group tracks (I's a long time since I reviewed the patch). These small things are kinda tricky to fix, and take quite a bit of work (storing how the group track look like, then restoring that once you have moved the group track). It's not the kind of update I plan to make (I'm not good enough in max 4 live to make such an update quickly unfortunately).

hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback. New version available
- new design, last controller recalled on load, scene name bugs fixed.

Is anyone having any luck with the launchpad X? Can't get it to work. Everything behaves as expected until the moment you click the button.

Hi rolandb - any luck, did you get it working

Hi hi,

I?m very sad. Device doesn?t work with Live_11 and my push_2 - Any other experience?


Hi, thanks for letting me know. I haven't tested it with Live 11 yet.

Can you describe what's happening? Did you use the device before in Live 10 ok?

hi, yes. I used it in my template to make big steps on my push2. but now it doesn?t work with push2. I can choose everything like usual, but ist doesn?t jump.. nothing habens on the pus-device.


Your device is amazing, but I get issues, if I wanna jump to more than track 128 (right side). Are there some limitations?
In scenes (down) I`ve tried only till 800 and there`s all fine.
Is there a possibility to jump to more than 128 tracks (right)?


I have just tested the device with Live 11 and Push 2 PC/Win, all working fine. Here's a video. If you right click on the title of the max device then select 'Open Max Window', then take a screenscot maybe we can work out the issue. Did it work before? Have you changed anything else in your set up?

Live 11, Move Clip Grid (v1.9) Working -


I just tested version 1.9 of Move Clip Grid on Live 11, Push 2, Win/PC and it works with 200 scenes.

Have you changed anything else in your setup? Did it work before?

If you right click on the title of the max device then select 'Open Max Window', then take a screenscot maybe we can work out the issue. Did it work before? Have you changed anything else in your set up?

200+ scene test video:

Hey Sharp,

Thank you for your answer :)

Down the Scenes I`ve tested till 800+ all fine. But my issues are with 200+ Tracks (going right not down)


I just buy the full version.
It seems that it can not work after 130 tracks with the midi device. The audio device doesn't work at all.
I am on live 11 on windows.
Can you tell me more about this problem?
I really hope we can find something to resolved it because your product is absolutely wonderfull.
Thank you for your help

@Vinch02 - Thank you for letting me know. What hardware controller are you using? (Oush, Launch pad, and which exact model)?

I won't be able to look at a fix until next weekend 7 May. I don't know what the problem is unfortunately. I will refund in the meantime.

@Ramses - sorry I think I missed your message, it seems you have the same problem as Vinch02.

I will try and apply the same fix for scenes to tracks.

Keep the bugs coming in please, it makes the device better.

@sharp, I use a novation launchpad with the script launchpad MK2

Hey Sharp,
I`ve thought that this issue will be lost.

Thank you so much, for bugfixing. Now it works!
But one issue is left, after jumping to the marked Track/Scene, the red grid is freezed always on Master-Track, when I move the red grid manual with my controller to one side. After 2 till 3 moves, red grid comes back to the marked track after jumping again.
You can see it in the video below.
Using Akai APC40 MKII

I hope that this issue can be solved too =)

Thanks Ramses. I'll look into the new bug, I've not come across that yet.

Thank you so much Sharp.
I hope, it will be fixed soon =)
Looking very forward for the powerful final of the device :)

Hello ! Just bought your patch and it works great . I was looking for a solution to make the red box auto follow tracks . but your solution is good to. With 8 predefined track . It's much more faster than the Lauchsync XL . That i bought to :) . Still i am looking for a way to follow only tracks not scene. Even if i don't select scene it goes on the first one . Would it be possible that your device does not select first scene if i do not select scene at all ?

@zengel - glad it's working and you're enjoying it!

Interesting, I will check, it sounds like a bug. Can I just check:

You're updating the drop down list.
Then you select a track.
Then when you trigger that preset it goes to the track BUT the scene always go to the first scene.

You want it to remain on the scene it is already on.

I never considered this option. It would be possible to make an update that does this. I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but perhaps I can try and have a look (or find a simple solution).

couple of questions.
1. How big is your live set, how many scenes and how many tracks?
2. Are you using this for DJ work, or a different type of live performance?


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