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Thank you so much Sharp.
I hope, it will be fixed soon =)
Looking very forward for the powerful final of the device :)

Hey Sharp,
I`ve thought that this issue will be lost.

Thank you so much, for bugfixing. Now it works!
But one issue is left, after jumping to the marked Track/Scene, the red grid is freezed always on Master-Track, when I move the red grid manual with my controller to one side. After 2 till 3 moves, red grid comes back to the marked track after jumping again.
You can see it in the video below.
Using Akai APC40 MKII

I hope that this issue can be solved too =)

Hey Sharp,

Thank you for your answer :)

Down the Scenes I`ve tested till 800+ all fine. But my issues are with 200+ Tracks (going right not down)


Your device is amazing, but I get issues, if I wanna jump to more than track 128 (right side). Are there some limitations?
In scenes (down) I`ve tried only till 800 and there`s all fine.
Is there a possibility to jump to more than 128 tracks (right)?