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This is a really nice device. I do have an issue with it, though. When I start ableton, if I do not have my audio device connected (showing no output on the upper right), the midi channels I have configured on the router XS and Receiver XS are all unselected. The devices still work if I manually select the channels.
In order to fix it, I have to first, connect the audio device and select it, and then restart ableton. Once Ableton loads again, all my preselected channels show up on both the router and receiver devices.
Anybody knows what could be causing this behavior? It is annoying because when I move from home to church to perform I always have to do this to connect the new hardware and get all my midi routings configuration back.

I am having an issue with this device. When the device is ON, it does not send the sustain midi signal. Any recommendation?

Hi, I really like what your device does. However, every time I add it to my Live 9 (latest upgrade), Ableton crashes when I try to close Ableton or open a different session. Any clue what could be causing that?

I love this device!! thanks much for it. I am facing an issue though. Whenever I have a tempo indicated in the scene, the device cannot launch the scene. Any numbers in the scene would cause this behavior. Is this expected or is there anything I can do to fix it?