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At a certain point it could be fair to let other devices appears. It's counter productive to tag your device with all tags\types available .... and on top of all others devices... become more and more crap because of all those guys who want to put their devices they sell first . Then they appear again and again and again without real updates , just to be first ... They should be at least two categories . Paid and Free . All this does not deserve the m4l community and does not give the will to buy m4l devices .
That's really dumb .

❤😍 . that's another incredible device .... 👽

Hello ! Really interesting device .
It seems that this patch could be a definitive plus compared to rack . Already ,the fact that it does not have exclusivity on the vst parameters or the fact that it updates the parameters regarding presets of the plugins make it great !
For me it would be even more interesting with the ability to control an arbitrary number of parameters on a vst (this native 127 parameters control limit is more and more difficult to understand as our machines get in power but...Ableton...) , a snapshot pool and the ability to morph between those snapshots with a knob (or multiple knobs or xy) on a time based (Quantized or not) or just manualy.

Something is unclear regarding the manual . Does this patch could be midi controlled ? It would be great to control the parameters from it and record automation ont the plugin itself !

Thanks for this first release !

Wow . I will follow you work !
Thanks for answering !
Have a good day !

OK... that's more than 2 functions... :)

Hello ! Interesting device . I tested the lite version . For me it lacks 2 interesting functions that i am looking for :

-make possible to arrange monitored tracks in the M4ldevice in a custom way . For example with 10 audios tracks , ordering tracks in another order track 4,1,2,5,6,3,8,7 without modifying the current live set track position
.Selecting tracks in a custom order some of the currently avaible tracks in the live session , not necessary all . I thought it was possible when i read "Track select via name or track number" . But it seems not possible with the lite version ? Such a functionnality is part of the "SA-M Floating Mixer Series 2.0"

-being able to make groups of such order that can be named . For exemple the "vocal work", "bass work" , etc ... and recall them with one click

-Midi mappable : Is the Solo reset initialisation is the onlymidi mappable element ? it would be really interesting to be able to map rec, arm,faders, solo etc ...

-Having the mappable always stick in the currently track order : for example we map the first fader and it is currently controling a bass track . We can control with an external controller the fader of it . If we change the group track and the Fader 1 become a vox track then we still be able ton control this fader with the same external control .

Hello ! Just bought your patch and it works great . I was looking for a solution to make the red box auto follow tracks . but your solution is good to. With 8 predefined track . It's much more faster than the Lauchsync XL . That i bought to :) . Still i am looking for a way to follow only tracks not scene. Even if i don't select scene it goes on the first one . Would it be possible that your device does not select first scene if i do not select scene at all ?

😨 . My god ? 2000 parameters ! That's so incredible .

I recommand you to buy Diva . It's one of the most used plugin and it "only" have around 400 parameters ;)
I really think that you could touch a lot of people .
I suppose that you know xanadu m4l patch ? it can generate the parameters (i think) ..
Still you made a great polished job and the interface is really well made to !
Thanks for that !

Xanadu patch :

So many people would love to see that possible...And regarding my point of view , i would buy such a max for live device for shure.

Hello ! I bought those great devices you made !
That's really a good idea ! reeaaaly !
And i have a question .
Does it make possible to bypass the 128 parameters limitation of Ableton vst hosting ?
Could it be possible to have, for example , all the diva parameters midi mappable ?

Hello ! I Tried the Device But i want to use it on midi tracks and use it to swipe midi racks ? When i try to do it , it adds midi rack on the right ...and add another rack on the right of the new rack etc ... or am i missing something ? i use shortcut not mouse... ;) . Still , it's already great for instruments and it works flowesly !!
Thanks !

my god...NoteFirstIn !!!! :) You are the first one who finally did it !!! ;) Thaaaannnks ! Your sequencer was great now he is trully unique ! Usefull for drums but also for melodies !!
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks !!!

...Brillant !! Thank you so mutch !
Sequenced drum in real time with your last functionnality is soooo goood !

Thanks to took the time to read my suggestions !
As i said , these ideas are just suggestions . I already love your m4l patch !
I am really happy if it gives you more ideas for futur improvements !
I thank you again to made it ! i already added it to my main live set !
And i can't tell you enough how mutch i select things that i put in it !
Have a nice day !

Regarding the velocity :One example .On a sequencer lane It will modulate the velocity in real time depending of the after touch value of a the note pad pushed on the push ( or launchpad pro , or...) .
or in alternative a "classic" velocity assignation per lane and per step .

i have some more ideas like .
Velocity sensitive and also aftertouch sensitive (to modulate velocity) . don't know if it's possible , and even if per note individual sentivities is possible with m4l ? Now that the push is mpe .

Of course!
It's just ideas .
As i said, it's already a fantastic seq/arp tools. Make use or not of those ideas, i already love what you have done ! :)
Then here are somes :
1 - An internal clock for the "stop" state. Then we can use it without the need to press play in Ableton . That's usefull to quickly test idea without the need to "play" the whole set .
And when we press "play" it switches to the Ableton clock.
2 - someyhing i always wanted to see in such sequencer (in Bluearp to)
A lock note per lane .
say you play a E2,B2,G2 . In normal behavior , they will populate the sequencer lane in this order. E2 goes on the lane 1, G2, on the second and B2 on the third . If you stop to press E2 , the G2 goes on the first lane in substitution of the E2 and the B2 goes on the second lane . But ... Imagine you play a drum machine .E2 is a kick, G2 in a snare and B2 is a hihat ... if they could "lock" on their sequencer lane . they still play their sequence whatever you remove or not one note lane . If i remove the E2 , it will "remove" the kick sequencer lane (the first lane send no more notes) but it will still play the snare (B2 on the second lane) and the hh sequence (G2 on the third lane) lane . I imagine this like you have a tick in front of the lane and if you check it it will lock the first note it receive. And respond only to this note ;) . Of course unchecked it , and it will have the "normal" behavior . And of course the check box is midi mappable ;) . That's it for now :) .
what do you think about that ?
Have a nice day ! :)

WOW ! I was looking an alternative for the excellent BlueArp !
and your patch is incredible !!! thanks so mutch !!
I began to play with it and i love it !
I would have some ideas for developing it a little more if you want to ?
But it's already a fantastic sequencer/arpegiator !
But first ! i will support your great work !!!
I already tested almost paid and unpaid sequencer or apegiator and really , i am impressed !
such a great job !!

Google is your friend.

For people who encounter troubleshooting... did you really tried to solve it and understand what s wrong to the way you use it ?. Try as hard as you can if you really interested but leave developpers ... develop and stop asking the same stupid suedtion like "how it work" .cause everything is explained by many guys who solved thid kind of question

Hi soundflower , i use every day your tool and everything work great. Nothing else than thank you for this really damn good tool. A lot.