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Name | Version: Sev by Katsuhiro Chiba 1.0.6
Author: stringtapper
Device Type: Instrument
Description: This is a port of Katsuhiro Chiba's instrument Sev. It spits out randomized notes in tempo based on a chord or scale. The control section lets you: 1) define the center and range of the chord/scale; 2) set the attack and release of the notes; 3) apply delay and detuning; 4) set volume and probability (i.e. how many notes occur). It's a fun little device for creating beds of sound that don't sound as static as loops. Thanks to Katsuhiro Chiba for allowing me to share this port. Any mods need to be attributed to Katsuhiro Chiba.

UPDATE 1.0.6: More streamlining of the timing scheme, thanks again to broc from the Ableton forum.


Live Version Used: 8.2.1
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Jan 08 2010 14:10:34
Date Last Updated: Feb 12 2011 14:33:10
Downloads: 16538
License: Attribution
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Device File: Sev 1.0.6.amxd


it looks great, but i haven't understand how to use it sorry. I put se vin one mid track, a midi intstrument in an other midi track, midi from sev to midi instrument, but nothing happens.
Any ideas.

@lek: Sev is an instrument. Save it to the Max Instruments folder. It creates its own sound. Make sure you turn up the volume on the last X/Y controller or you won't hear anything!
Looks very interesting, but indeed produces no sound.
(Debugging reports something about missing osc)
Oops! I uploaded a version where the generator patch was it's own separate patcher file.I just uploaded a new version where the generators are all internal patchers that you can open from within the "Scope" window. Re-download it and it should be working now. Sorry about the confusion!
Yup, works now: excellent, thanks man!
still not working for me. bit more explanation may help

@ stringtapper

sorry, same for me it doesn't work.
I would love to see it working.
Make sure:

1. you have some notes selected on the keyboard or have a MIDI clip playing on the track.

2. that the fourth XY parameters (Volume & Probability) are not at 0, otherwise you will hear no sound.

3. Live's transport must be running for Sev make sound.

If you guys still can't get it going please leave a comment.
@ stringtapper

Still nothing , I have followed your tips but no sound is coming out.
Thank you
great instrument :)
any chance to get the midi going out from the patch to an other midi track?
@ abletenor

Could you download the device again and reinstall it? I just want to make sure you don't have the older version I uploaded that did not work.
@ stringtapper

I did, but still nothing, I'll wait for an upgrade, I get a wrong message on the max window.
I really can't understand why it doesn't work for me.
If for anyone else works it means that I do something wrong I will double check.
I insert you synth on the midi channel, let the transport bar running , put up volume, insert some midi note, midi arrives, but no sound comes out.
Anyway thanks, let me know if I do something wrong.

I have the same. No luck. does not work. i have most recent download and done what you say.
live 8.1.1
I have no idea what i have done differently but now it works. Great. Really nice. thanks
very specific sound, would have been cool when it would have been also been possible to get the midi notes out of it.
but thanks, it's a cool tool!
I'm working on an update that cleans up the code a bit and hopefully will work more consistently for people. I will post it soon.

I will look into making a version that outputs midi since that's been a common request.

I will also work on adding a waveform chooser to vary the timbral possibilities.
Ok version 1.0.1 is up. Cleaned up the code a bit and fixed another mistake I made in the porting so all seven oscillators should work now.

More enhancements to come.
@ stringtapper

nothing to do, I get this error message on MAX window

Jazzclient: no such object

with the new upgrade Sev.

Than you.
@ stringtapper

Sorry, it's me again, I opened your patch in Max presentetion mode locked it and fiddled with volume and probability, clicked on run set in some chords and guess what? it's working, and I must say that I love the sound that comes out.
When I get out of presentation mode I am back to normal, no sound.
How come? It looks like they are two different patch that when is in presentation mode it works and in normal mode is not working.
Please help me out, I hope I made myself clear, forgive my english.
Thank you.
Guys stay tuned, that version that had the Jazzclient objects was from a version I was setting up to control with a Lemur. M4L is doing some really weird stuff for me right now like not saving things properly, which is what happened in this case.

@ abletenor

Max is having some trouble at the moment so I wouldn't expect to be able to use a patch when in patching mode at all right now. The Abes have acknowledged that they and C74 are working on whatever the trouble is. Using devices from within Live work fine though.
New version with my control scheme removed entirely so as not to cause any problems with saving.
I managed to add some midi automation to your Sev port,
and uploaded it with version number 1.02, hope you don't mind!

Thanks for that but I'm not seeing it.

mmm, I tagged it with synth, but added an other-tag just now

Where have you posted your mod? I don't see any way to upload to another "author's" device, but you're saying you've done that? I totally welcome your addition I just seem to be too dense to figure out where it is!
Works great! Now, to try not to sound like Jeff Mills.
@stringtapper; okay it's under:
Experimental/Other Devices, the second one if you sort on 'date added' (without pic)
I wonder if this helps some of you - I went into patching mode and added the box labeled 'run' to presentation mode so I can click it from live. That gets it going.
Hey - I love this, works great.
However, I get alot of clicking with the settings I like.

Can a variant of this become a midi even generator?
I don't know enough max to be able to just pick up the midi generated...
In other words, can it generate midi notes to output?
Hi sorry, for the delay. Sev doesn't output midi notes in its current state, but I will look into adding that feature.
Version 1.0.4 should alleviate the problems with sometimes not running when Live's transport begins.
Amazing device. Congrats!!!
It looks not difficult to get MIDI notes from Sev... would be awesome to do that! I'll try it!
Actually I've already made a similar instrument that sends MIDI now I just need to clean it up and post it.
Great device .. particularly for those of generative bent .. many thanks
yo. did you ever manage to get this to send midi out please?
I made a separate MIDI version:

I haven't updated these things in quite a while so let me know if you have any problems.
Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! :-)
Nice device thank you very much, used it to start project and in 30 minutes had amazingly sounding thing

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