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This is so hilarious. Although I'm trying to reduce the amount of time that face is on my screen.

Haha, this is great.

Deckard's Dream supports MPE :)

Great idea, Thanks!

You are my hero. Thanks!

Brilliant! Only 10 more months until April 1, 2018.

"Hey buddy, could I borrow your laptop to check my email?"
"But I'm about to play a set of killer drops, bro."
"Sure, sure, this'll just take a minute. Oh, and what key do you usually map your flanger to?"

Yeah, many thanks 3st!

I love this device and use it profusely. One way you can make it work like a 16 step sequencer is if on the channel, put two instances of ML-185 and two dummy clips on the channel which you can set to alternate using launch mode. Set the automation on each clip to alternate off/on on the sequencer. :)
let me know if any of this doesn't make sense.

Nice work, you just made me lazier.

Works great! Now, to try not to sound like Jeff Mills.