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Hi, Thanks for this. I morn the loss of Spektral Delay from NI and so this is an interesting and very nice new option.

Thanks very much. Its working fine for me. I am on 10.1.7

I'm enjoying playing with it also using scale and other midi devices.

Nice, thanks

This is very cool. Thanks very much! However, for me it crashes live after a few minutes. I am on Live 10. not a criticism just for your info.
Thanks very much

Anyone getting this to work? I click the freeze button and nothing happens.
Any clues? What am i doing wrong

thanks very much capsella.
I really like your work. any chance of having your other vsts ported?

I have set this up with Monomemu and am using the stepper app. So far all I can get is one preset to work. if I press the other buttons on the left for other presets and try to programme and pattern nothing happens. Any idea of the problem anyone. Can someone point me in a direction here. Thanks

I have no idea what i have done differently but now it works. Great. Really nice. thanks

I have the same. No luck. does not work. i have most recent download and done what you say.
live 8.1.1

still not working for me. bit more explanation may help

great device. really having fun with it. cheers z