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Name | Version: NRPN Gen 2 1.0
Author: gbravetti
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: NRPN Gen 2 is a Max for Live device capable of generate up to 8 NRPN MIDI messages. It can be used to control and or automate synthesizers ’s parameters that are accessible via NRPN MIDI messages, like the DSI Prophet series, DSI Tetra, Novation Peak, Korg EMX, etc.

• Up to 8 NRPN messages per device
• Multiple devices can be stacked
• Setup parameters in NRPN or MSB/LSB
• Bidirectional control and visual feedback
• Record automation directly from your
• MIDI Learn function for easy parameter and
data size setup
• Adjustable data rate and redundancy filters
• Configurable MIDI Thru Filter
• Easy draw and edit automation with
multiple Data Sizes

NRPN Gen 2 is the sequel of the previous version for which I got great support from the Ableton Live users community. Thank you for that!

Also big thanks to Ableton and Cycling’74 for such wonderful and inspiring tools.

I wrote this new version from scratch. It includes many new features. Some of them was already planned since the first version, some are new ideas, and some was requested by users.

Please read the user guide in full. You will find essential information needed to success on the utilization of the NRPN Gen 2 Max for Live device.

All the best,
Gustavo Bravetti


Live Version Used: 10.0.2
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Jul 21 2018 22:49:36
Date Last Updated: Jul 21 2018 22:59:40
Downloads: 3337
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: NRPN Gen


Very nice indeed!
@S4racen, thanks! Specially consediring yours ;)
Super nice and helpful.
I'll receive a Prophet Rev-2 tomorrow, that's what I call perfect timing !
Oh and this manual is a jewel of explanation about MIDI and about how Live handles it. Thanks again.
@chapellerfou, enjoy your Prophe Rev-2! And glad you found the user guide useful. :)
Great Tool! Cheers!
Thank you so much for developing this. The manual is so good in explaining the NRPN in the midi world!
Does this work with ableton 9? :)
It would so cool to have this device (or a similar device) also manage SysEx messages. It would be the perfect complement not only to hardware synths that use SysEx, but also to Omnisphere 2.6 hardware integration!
Thank you for creating this very useful and flexible tool! It works very well with the Prophet Rev2, and since it's scalable, you can easily expand the number of controls when needed. Great work!
Nice utility! Was looking for something to test out the NRPN control of my Electribe ESX, and this device made the mapping super easy! Thanks for the efforts!

( And for anyone who might be interested: It was possible to control the Electribe ESX Part parameters through NRPN, but due to the lacks of NRPN protocol, it wasn't possible to say, map LFOs to multiple parameters for simultaneous automated control, at least not without weird things starting to happen! Still, very much usable if you just want to control the parameters from Ableton and only want to automate one thing at a time! )
Pretty cool utility. I'm trying to implement this device to control the knobs/buttons on my Korg EA-1 (blue, 199) synth. I'm able to use this document ( ) to determine the MSB/LSB values... but I think it's missing a separate CC# value setting to tell it which parameter to control.

My first attempt to control the cutoff knob did something.... when i mapped it to an Ableton Rack control, it silenced the entire synth, but when I touch the cutoff knob on the synth, the volume and everything comes back.

i'm just using one-way connection. It would be nice to assign the value to a particular CC# number. I think that's what's missing in my case. (i think)
Actually, scratch that last message. Once I set the message type to 14, it worked like a charm. Up and running!
Thanks a lot for sharing/providing your device!
A couple of questions: I was trying to find out why your device doesn't work properly with my Andromeda. I have 4 values mapped, learned thru knob twitching.
Now I do a program change at the beginning of a pattern and then want to manipulate said pattern thru nrpn gen2 (because it is a ROM preset). I tried firing the status manually and also thru automation at different points in the pattern, however the Andromeda does something, but not what is is supposed to do (wild parameter jumps). Also even when changing values by hand in stopped mode in nrpn gen 2 the andromeda does this. The only thing which works pretty reliably is FX on/off as a 1bit value change.
I tried to the same directly from Midi-Ox and from there it worked.

Do you have an idea what could be the issue?
Also, opening the patch I saw that you parse the midi and route. Why not use nrpnin and nrpnout? (I just jumped into m4l and do not really know what I am talking about, so sorry if dumb question).

I haven't tried yet with other nrpn devices (also got a Prophet 12 which would be a viable candidate).
Great device - I have a related question and maybe you or someone here can help me.

I'm sending NRPN messages into Ableton via my OB-6. I want to map an Ableton parameter to that message, or perhaps convert the NRPN into CC. Are there any existing devices that do something like this?
hi:) Hi, thanks for the amazing plugin.
it work really good with my korg electribe sx .
But I have a problem after 10 seconds it stops working :(
Does anyone know this ? Experience this too?

all the best !!!

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