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@starlightexplorer That would be super awesome, thanks a lot! Yes, I do find the devices extremely useful so hats off to you! If you do find a cure regarding the undo history do let us know! For me that would make a huge difference!

Absolutely fantastic! I've been looking for something like this all through this year, and finally found something that clicks! Thanks for your efforts (and to the original author as well!).

Few points of note:
- Having both range and min/max feels a bit redundant, at least I was a little bit confused at first!
- Is there a functionality to unmap the mapped parameter, in similar fashion as the core M4L modulation tools provide? That would be helpful! Currently I'm constantly mapping things empty parameters to "unmap"/change routings.
- I'm into the chosen alternative color-scheme, looks cool ;).


Really useful! Thank you!

Really cool stuff, I've also explored Eurorack style workflow within Live, and this pack is right up my alley! Cheers!

There seems to be an annoying feature with the Sample & Hold device tho - automating the triggering kinda messes up your undo history, every new trigger adds something into your actions which can be dangerous to your Live project. I googled the issue briefly and there seems to be a lot of discussion concerning the topic, but unfortunately I'm not experienced with M4L enough to make any conclusion whether something could be done to the problem.

Do you have any idea whether the Sample and Hold device could be programmed in a way that wouldn't clog up the Undo History?

Works great! I was happy to find that due to how the device was built, I was able to use multiple instances of round-robin midi splitting in my Ableton Project, unlike with some other devices of similar nature! Thank you for your efforts!

Nice utility! Was looking for something to test out the NRPN control of my Electribe ESX, and this device made the mapping super easy! Thanks for the efforts!

( And for anyone who might be interested: It was possible to control the Electribe ESX Part parameters through NRPN, but due to the lacks of NRPN protocol, it wasn't possible to say, map LFOs to multiple parameters for simultaneous automated control, at least not without weird things starting to happen! Still, very much usable if you just want to control the parameters from Ableton and only want to automate one thing at a time! )

Awesome! Did exactly what I needed! Cheers!