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Clip Linker Version 1.1
PoloMonyzer Version 1.0
random clip launcher AUDIO Version 1.1
CF CC Scaler Version 1.1
CF 10000 Version 1.0
Do not Save Version 1.2
Launch next empty clip Version 1.0
Machine Drum Kit Loader Version 1.0
Legacy Overdub Version 1.0
Grand Duc Version 2.1
random clip launcher MIDI Version 1.1
Gator Version 1.0
Local Exclusive Arm Version 1.0
Ti-ga-di-ga-doum Version 1.0
Octascenes Version 1.01
CF SYSEX Recorder Version 1.0
MPE Microtuner Version 1.2
CF Miam Blurp Version 2.00
CF Probability Gates Version 1.0
CF Swing Slides Version 1.0
CF Round BPM Version 1.0
CF Reservoir Version 1.03
CF Program Changer Version 1.0
CF RGB Mappers Version 1.0
CF Octave Sequencer Version 0.04
CF Roar Fdbk Note ctrl Version 1.0

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Comments by chapelierfou


@distantnoise, then use Expression Control and don't bother using my device.

@distantnoise :
Same inspiration indeed !
In the end it's the same, it still needs 2 tracks...Well to be precise, in this regard, the method I use is more practical as you can select a MIDI controller directly as a source without any MIDI track.
Also, the "place before Roar" method is more robust (I don't trust choosers with sub menus that rely on track that might be deleted, moved, renamed or whatever).
Am I missing something ? Why would the other method be better ?

2 tracks would work as well as you can simply merge track A and track C in my example above, but with track A armed.

No send or receive. All is happening in the MIDI track it's loaded to.
Most of the time I would use 3 tracks :
- Track A containing the device and the instrument to be played, monitoring to IN.
- Track B containing (or listening to) the triggers (only the 4 top notes), output routed to Track A.
- Track containing (or listening to) the potential notes, output routed to Track A.

Hope this helps !

You absolutely can record the Master out in a track. Simply select "Master" as the input source.

I don't own Serum, sorry !

@vxe : Money is for losers, listen to my music.

Quick 1.2 Fix as well :
Should work with Italian now.

1.2 Fix :
Now works as expected on Windows.
Please test to be sure !

sorry for that !! I realized only recently that Windows and OSX might order the dialog box differently...
Can you confirm you're on Windows ?
I'll drop a fix soon !

drop me a message at and I'll see what I can do.

@magrini : I can’t check for now, as I’m on holiday without a computer. But I’ll do this when I’m home !

I see. My device won't allow this, unfortunately.
You're aware of cmd+click on the Arm button, right ?
I need to think about it. No satisfying solution comes to mind right now, sorry.

Hi @carolinemasonmusic :
it simply makes groups of tracks that would share their arming states.
I think(?) it might be better if you disable the setting in the prefs ?
I might be confused as well, I've not used this for a while.
What are you looking to do exactly ?

A bit of shame to make people pay to use open source code in my opinion.

Is your Midi track output set to the port used by your synth’s midi in ?
You could check what’s sent by using a midi monitor ?
I only tested with a Nord Modular to be honest. Maybe different synths expect some specific messages or sequences of messages to work properly. What synth are you using ?

Hi @esaruoho
Once you've hit Record, you've only got 3 seconds to send the sysex dump. It stops listening if it doesn't receive anything after 3 seconds (to prevent recording garbage stuff).

Maybe the time window is too short ?

Yes exactly. Check this out
Or message me ? (Oops, there is no private message system here in ?? it SHOULD be !)

I did make some cleaning in the automation parameters, and added fixed velocity per instrument and added automatable presets.
Would you mind if I share here ?

Thanks a lot, you just spared me some time !
("improving" it as I type...)

It's more or less just how it's displayed, and how it's been copy/paste.
The aim of the device was to send a patch from the synth, record it, and play it back to the synth when the liveset is loaded.
Would you need to use sysex files that are already there on your computer ? In this case, I would load them to the synth, send them to the device, record them. To copy/paste them, you'd need to translate them into decimal first. Which is easily doable in Max by adding "0x" before a decimal number, so it's possible to add it to the patch somehow.

@markusschlosser :
I just made a quick search and found this :
maybe worth the 6,90€ don't you think ?

@markusschlosser :
have you simply tried to open the sysex files with a text editor ?
I could make a device that hosts a list of messages with customizable ways to trigger them. But I'm thinking that maybe what you'd need would be a proper editor for you MKS-80, don't you ?
My device was made with in mind the goal to save patches within the live set.

@Bortolato :
It should be easy to modify. I could simply make the "send" button automatable. It would trigger the sysex when the parameter goes from low to high.
Would it be ok for you ?

@markusschloesser :
actually you can copy, paste, edit the content. But it must respect this syntax :

"sysex" : [value, value, value.....]

The main problem might be that the device expects decimal values, but your sysex files are likely to be hexadecimal.

Wow, serious stuff in there !

Updated link with the Liveset for Grand Duc 2.1

Ouch !
I've encountered some unwanted things with "fill only", but no crashes. I'd be happy to investigate. If you manage to find a way to make it crash 100% of the time that would help a lot.
Otherwise, yeah, you got it, "only fill" allow you to listen to the clip.
Thanks for trying and reporting.

That's a fun one.

Updated for L9 users.
(Please check that nothing is broken) and report here !

I fixed this one and uploaded a MIDI version.
(Unfortunately there is no way to get MIDI through an Audio device).

A must-have, the perfect tool box for audio routing. Thanks.

Thanks !
Indeed, very simple but effective, really nice sounds.

Quite cool, and some great resources to learn javascript !
One quick bug : if you delete a track or reorder them, the syntax is no longer pointing to the right track.

Oh and this manual is a jewel of explanation about MIDI and about how Live handles it. Thanks again.

Super nice and helpful.
I'll receive a Prophet Rev-2 tomorrow, that's what I call perfect timing !


@saturnia : done.

I hope it doesn't mess anything else.
What it does basically is :

whenever a dialog box is shown, it clicks on the first choice box if the first word is either "Sauver", "Save" or "Möchten".

@saturnia : done.

I hope it doesn't mess anything else.
What it does basically is :

whenever a dialog box is shown, it clicks on the first choice box if the first word is either "Sauver", "Save" or "Möchten".

@saturnia : i'll do it asap

Hi again @polimorfos :
It was a patching error on my side ! I updated the device.
So, French and English supported (to lazy for the other languages but feel free to ask or modify !)

Hi @polimorphos !
May i ask what language you use ?
Actually i'd need the text displayed on the dialog box asking you to save. It should be working for French and English.

Just want to thank you for all the comments in the patch. Really instructive, and all patches should be as documented as this. It turns it to a really pedagogical device.