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Name/Version: StepOne 1.2
Author: Patrick320  
Description: Here is finally a suitable Step Sequencer to map any parameter like it is possible with the LFO-device.
(Version 1.1: Device is frozen now, so the problems from the comment section should not occur; some UI-changes
Versionn 1.2: Delay Fix)

Its code is based on the Arp One by Max for Cats
( and some Functions of the LFO-device.

-16 or less Steps
-Adjustable Rate
-Glide mode per Step
-Delay off-beat parameter
-Depth- and Offset-parameter
-Manual bpm-mode
-Scaleable Random-Button

Have fun.

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Downloads: 4682
Tags sequencer
Live Version Used: 9.1.7
Max Version Used: 6.1.9
Date Added: Mar 19 2015 11:05:49
Date Last Updated: Mar 31 2015 12:01:28
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: StepOne.amxd


Great idea!...but am I doing something wrong? while I can turn off and on steps by left mouse click, I cannot draw in any "graph amounts" (the blue part)... is there some key to hold down while drawing with the mouse or something?

Please advise?

Actually the pattern should be drawn in like you said, just like at every other bargraph in max4live. In my instance it works like that very good. Maybe you are using an older version of max? I have no idea, maybe try downloading and draging it into live again?

Are here any other users who have that problem?

You need to freeze the device before uploading in order to make all code dependencies self-contained.

Oh ok, I?ll try this and reupload it, when I have the time. Thank you.

Ok, it is frozen now. *shivering*

Nice device. One little problem though:
Passed 125 ms, the delay parameter stops working, the sequencer stops running actually.

Yes, thats because the delay time can be at highest the time between two steps. At a Rate of 1/16 for example, the time between two steps is only ca. 125ms. If you set the Rate to 1/2, you can turn it up to 1 sec. because the time between two steps gets longer.

This feature was only meant to get the step rythm off beat, just like the Phase-feature at the LFO-device.
I?ll try to fix this and find a solution.
Thank you for the advice :)

This looks great. How hard would it be to incorporate midi export?

Well, there's a CC Midi-Out function, but to be honest, I didn't test it, I just overtook it from the piece of patch I already had. Just activate the cc-button. I will check if it works properly.

Just wanted to say thanks for this. Great work.

Simple and effective man. Thanks!

Hi, thanks a lot for the device!

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