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Hi there, just wanted to let you know that I downloaded this and had a great time using it to sequence some external instruments. Thanks for the great patch, it’s very easy to use!

Working perfectly on my Apple Silicon M1 running Live 11.1.6 natively, by the way.

Amazing, this is helping me work around a super annoying hung note bug with Massive X. Thanks!

Just opens up a link to a random Autechre Youtube video when you click it.

Interesting. Curious what Reddit thread that image is from.

@iloyd definitely still working. I forgot to update my comment. It’s the best!

Do you know if there’s any way to have Live only play the metronome during count-in?

Interested but your soundcloud link is broken =)

(ha, that ?? was an emoji)

Life saver! 🙏🏻

At some point this worked but something seems to have broken along the way to Live 9.7.1 and Max 7.3.1. Hopefully there's a fix because this is so useful!

Brilliant! I was trying to do this the other week.

…or you could use Utility.

Thanks for this great patch! I was just starting to embark on doing this myself when I realized I should search here first. And lo, you've already done it. And FAR better than I would have been able to. Thank you for your hard work!

Just wanted to say thanks for this. Great work.

While it's intentions are well-meaning, it's pretty buggy as is. I've been getting crashes using it in Max 6.1 and Live 9.1.7 64-bit on Mac.

Also, every single fader change counts against an Undo step. So if you have automation moving a fader, good luck trying to undo everything, every single automation change, even if it's just a line, not a breakpoint, will count as an Undo step.

Great device. I love how simple and reliable it is.

Hi jabbone, this is an excellent little looper. Thank you for making it publicly available and editable! One issue though is that that if Live is synced to an external clock, the pitch gets changed either up or down at least a semi-tone even if the pitch knob is kept at +127. Curious symptom. Any suggestions how to work around this limitation?

Cheers and thanks again,

Mac OS X 10.7.4
Live 8.3.1
Max Runtime 5.1.9