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Name | Version: MK16-185 Sequencer 1.5
Author: Kapetan
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Ciao,

this is a modification of the "ML-185 Stage Controlled Sequencer" originally made by Nico Starke.

Please comment if you have problems/bugs.


Version 1.5
- New interface and graphics
- Improved randomize section
- Select between two skins
- Minimize button to scale the width of the device to save space
- Set global play mode

Version 1.0.1
- Fixed a bug where the note duration is longer then a tick, especially on 1/32 and 1/16 timing. The note duration now depends on timing.

Version 1.0
- On/Off-Button
- MIDI-Through on main interface
- Save and load presets which will be stored into the Live project
- 1/4 Timing
- 16 Knob Stages
- Randomize and Clear for all settings (excluding division)
- You can adjust the range for randomizing
- Switch between semitones and MIDI-notes
- New Interface

Bugs to be fixed:
- Division number doesn't change when inactive

Download previous version:


Live Version Used: 9.1.7
Max Version Used: 7.0.1
Date Added: Feb 17 2015 11:18:37
Date Last Updated: Sep 09 2015 14:09:41
Downloads: 19344
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: MK16-185 Sequencer 1.5.amxd


Looks fantastic!

A Lemur template to go with this would be awesome.
There's a problem with note lengths. the shortest note is longer than one tick, so when the clock is set to 16n all notes are legato.
There's a problem with note lengths. the shortest note is longer than one tick, so when the clock is set to 16n all notes are legato.
Thanks so far. Nice to see that there is a use for it.


Sorry, I have no experience with Lemur.


I understand the problem. I will have a look on this when I got the time (No idea how to change this at the moments). Is this a big issue in your workflow?
Yes, it means I can't play a mono synth on 16n because the notes are all tied.
Looking amazing...gonna test it this weekend
This thing is awesome, and exactly what I WOULD need. BUT: the note length problem prevents me from being able to really use it with my staplesyrup mentioned.
@staplesyrup @SeppUltura

As I reviewed your problem I realized it is a big issue. So I updated the device to version 1.0.1 and hope the problem is solved. I tested it by recording the MIDI to a second channel and it works fine for me.
This is a great device but sadly has no pattern switching

the presets also do not save.

would be great to see an update to solve these issues.

Yes, pattern switching would be great.

I'm thinking about to get rid of the presets and change them to savable pattern to switch between them. But I'm afraid of the performance.

Currently working on a new update with an improved UI.
Hope to be finito in a few weeks.

Please comment for bugs and new features!!!
The note length 'bug' was copied from the original 185 patch i guess. It's the same there.
Although I actually often prefer the legato style. Specifically for held notes, which, how it works right now, don't play the full length of the stage because it is cut of to prevent the problem with mono synths (which shouldn't be a problem. Aren't you mostly able to set your monosynth to "retrigger" the envelopes when played legato?).
Best option would be to be able to choose between 4 kinds of behaviours:
1 Play legato (tied notes, so you can do glides)
2 Staccato, current functionality
3 play all notes legato but release them just before the next stage so the envelope on a mono synth is retriggered.

All of the above could be done with a single 'gate' knob.
or 4th:
4 Staccato, current functionality, but held notes are played legato

Keep up the good work! love this device

Thanks for your thoughts.
The trigger/play mode functionality is the next task on my schedule. I recognized I have to refine that part.

For example there is a bug if you are in legato mode on 1/16 and change to 1/32, the notes will not be shortened.

I hope to solve this issue in the next weeks, so that the MK16-185 becomes a reliable tool step by step.

Comments on bugs and new features are still welcome!

Thanks for making this great device, I love it! Cool looking interface too.
I'm looking forward to the updates.

I agree with Mprod. His ideas would be most functional for me.

Some other feature requests:
1. ability to copy first half of the steps to the second half of the steps. So in 16 steps mode, step 9 - 16 becomes identical to step 1 - 8
2. abilty to move all steps one step to the left, this also makes the first step become the last.


Thanks for your help. Very good features, saw them on different sequencers.

At the moment, I'm thinking about to rebuild this device from ground, as I realized that the original device's base is very old now.

I would like to make a big step forward for version 2, so we will have to wait for several months for the next version.

I hope to find some time to update the present version 1.5 in between.
Great device!)
Used ML-185 Stage Controlled Sequencer 0.9 previously and this device brings it to a new level!)
Good job! Looking forward for a next update!)
great m4l device!!just what i need

but i got an issue:

live 9.6 max 7.3
the modes won't save when i save project.
Broken in Live 10 release, v.10.0.1.

GUI appears to be visibly corrupt. Seen on an iMac and Macbook Pro running latest version of Seirra, v.10.12.6.
Broken in Live 10 release, v.10.0.1.

same problem with the GUI on Win 7
I use it by hard and consider this as the best software sequencer, but since the Ableton 10 was released, the GUI appears to be crashed. PLEASE update this version. Many thanks.
GUI corrupt... Please Please update,,,
Please updat for use with Ableton 10! Interface is glitched out.
Please update the GUI for Live 10. This is one of the few max4live devices that I use regularly.
Hi! You still alive? This looks like a great plugin and solves the need for extra steps, but as everyone is saying, it breaks on LIVE 10 :(

Can you please update it?
Am i missing something here - why does mine look nothing like the sequencer in the photo?

just what I was looking to sequence with my two faderfox ld2 controllers but the problem is how good is the screen in ableton 10 any solution?
Please update for Ableton 10.
Ableton 10.1.25 still not working , pleaese give a fix to that should be easy !
Huge buds on mine can't click on anything???
Dead in Ableton 11
Everything is tooooooo small on Windows Live 11, HELPP
GUYS, use the OLD VERSION 1.0.1!!! It works!!!
Sorry, what is happenong with GUI? Buttons are so small an I can not see movement of knobs. I can hear the te pitch is changing, but I can not see it visualy on the device
Where can I find older version?
can't see anything with the new version! how can I download 1.0.1?
^ ignore me, found the link at the bottom
I would like to use this device but the GUI on Macbook Ableton live 11 is to dark and too small. It is absolutely unusable. I am using ML 185 instead...
What a pity...
Something has gone badly wrong with this device; the interface under Live 11.2.11 Windows is pretty much unusable. Sad- it seems to be a very good device otherwise
+1 on broken GUI in Ableton 11.2
Download version 1.01 - thats working fine in Ableton 12.0

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