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Live Tempo Automator Mod Version 1.2

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Thanks Victor this is brilliant just what I was looking for!

I now have awesome control over the density of my melodies :)

Happy days.

Sounds awesome could we get a demo video?

Looks fantastic!

A Lemur template to go with this would be awesome.

Nice one Dennis!

added the Panic feature and updated UI. going to try adding curves to teh tempo ramp and fix a bug with the disco skin in Live.

I'll definitely report back once I've used it.

This looks fantastic! I've tried a couple of other WII M4L devices that didn't work so well. Looking forward to trying this tonight, great work!

New version up - minus the panic feature, still working on that

Thanks joshspoon, i hadn't thought about that as I use it on my Master channel all the time. I have been working on cleaning up the interface a little bit to make it look nicer and trying to get the panic button feature working. I will release an update hopefully in the next couple of days with some of the new stuff.

As always, utterly awesome work :)

Tom, awesome device! I often need to route audio tracks to effects devices in this way during live shows, this is perfect! Exactly what I needed. Keep up the good work.

I use your Tempo Automator quite a bit and have made a mod of it - - added target tempo slider and ramp length selector. Your patch is very well laid out and annotated, great work :)