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Name | Version: Pks MIDI Tool 1.1
Author: kenders2000
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Pk's MIDI tool, is a device for displaying, filtering, and modifying MIDI messages on a Midi Track.

Midi Filter
The device can choose to filter out all or a range of Notes, Control Change (CC) Messages or Program changes. It can also filter out all or none of After Touch, Pitch Bend and Poly Key Messages.

Midi Modifier
The device is able to separated modify Note, CC or program changes (PG). It can add or subtract a fixed value to the message number (transposes note messages or remaps a range of CC/PG upwards or downwards. It can also chose to fix all incoming messages to a single number.

Control Changes, Notes and Program changes can all be freely mapped to one of the other two types of message. for example CC message can be mapped to note or Program changes.

The Note number, or CC number can be swapped with its Velocity or Value.

Program changes when instructed to output CCs or notes, can assign the incomming program number to be either the Message number or Value of the message, and the remaining parameter assigned within a box in GUI.

Updated so plugin saves settings properly.

I wrote this tool initially as I wanted a tool that simply displayed what midi info was coming into a track, then as I need to also assign some different functions to messages I added this functionality as I specifically use it in my live music performance with my band Semitt Falls (


Live Version Used: 9.1.4
Max Version Used: 6.1.7
Date Added: Sep 14 2014 08:20:13
Date Last Updated: Sep 28 2014 14:58:41
Downloads: 1851
License: None
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Device File: PksMidiTool.amxd


Very helpful Thanks!!
Hi kenders2000

Thanks für creating and offering this device. Does your device offer the option of filtering MIDI messages with a specific channel only? What I’m looking for is the ability to “listen” to “All” MIDI channels on a track, but filter out all note messages coming from a specific attached keyboard controller. This would give me the ability to use my e-Piano to trigger the notes on the instrument on the respective track, while being able to make use of the wheels and knobs of another attached controller, without having the latter trigger the notes of the instrument on the track.

I hope you get what I mean. Thanks for considering!
Best LeoVirtuoso
Awesome! Did exactly what I needed! Cheers!
I was searching the web for HOURS and finally found this. Thank you so much for having it up, but work on your keywords haha
Registered especially to say thank you for this plug. Spent hours scouring the web for a plugin that could filter out a specific range of PC commands and couldn't find one. This was perfect for the job. Cheers

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