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The default patch did the job perfectly for enabling my sustain pedal input for a plugin that didn't natively support it. Thanks!

I was searching the web for HOURS and finally found this. Thank you so much for having it up, but work on your keywords haha

I've been playing with the pack for a bit, and there's a use case that I haven't quite been able to make work with these devices. I'm looking for a way to make audio tracks that would output individual IEM mixes for different members of a live band, or perhaps just to mix signals per output. The closest workaround I could put together was to lay out several Audio Receivers and use their gain knobs to mix, but I envision something far more integrated. Maybe you could add as many lanes in your "bus" as you wanted, use a dropdown for each lane to choose your input signal, mix the levels of each lane with a meter, solo/mute/pan, etc. Would you consider adding a device like this to the pack, maybe call it something like "Receiving Bus"? I've been searching for something like this for a long time, and it would make running and mixing a live set entirely in Live far more practical.