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Name | Version: Roland AIRA TR-8 Drum Rack and Remote 1.0
Author: nerk
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: The Drum Rack is assigned to the note numbers and the controllable parameters of the drum parts, the side-chain and the effects (except Scatter) of the Roland AIRA TR-8, so that you can directly manipulate and record them while playing which is currently not possible with the TR-8 sequencer.
As with the TB-3 Remote, i found out about the undocumented MIDI CCs by accident, let me know if you know of more and i´ll integrate them.

Available parameters:


Reverb Level
Reverb Time
Reverb Gate
Delay Level
Delay Time
Delay Feedback
Ext In Level
Ext In Side Chain

BD Tune
BD Attack
BD Comp
BD Decay
BD Volume
SD Tune
SD Snappy
SD Comp
SD Decay
SD Volume
LT Tune
LT Decay
LT Volume
MT Tune
MT Decay
MT Volume
HT Tune
HT Decay
HT Volume
RS Tune
RS Decay
RS Volume
HC Tune
HC Decay
HC Volume
CH Tune
CH Decay
CH Volume
OH Tune
OH Decay
OH Volume
CC Tune
CC Decay
CC Volume
RC Tune
RC Decay
RC Volume


Live Version Used: 9.1.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Apr 06 2014 19:04:37
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 9017
License: None
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This is amazing but for some reason the decay is not being mapped to push from the Mid Tom on up.. other than that the device is boss.
Hi nerk

Thanks heaps for developing this device.

I've found the same issue as the previous comment. I can successfully use push to control all the TR-8 Parameters available on the device, however Decay is only available for Kick, Snare and Low Tom.

Any chance of an update to address this?

Thanks heaps for the work :)
Hi Nerk

I had to upgrade Max to 6.1.7 to get another device to work, unfortunately this Max device no longer seems to react to tweaking the TR-8. Anything that can be done? Cheers, will be fantastic if we can record TR-* parameters into a Live set.
I managed to fix the issue where the Decay was not working for all of the TR-8's voices. I opened the Max Device Editor, selected the Decay dial in the GUI, clicked inspector and changed two values:

Annotation: Was VOLUME, NOW DECAY
Automapping Index: Was 1, Now 3

Close the Max Editor, saved the devices and repeat for the remaining devices. After switching to another device, e.g. BD then back to the freshly edited voice, e.g. MT the decay item is now available on Push and responds to changes in the push encoders.

It wont respond directly to the TR-8 knobs however. Should it?

Thanks, Jon
Anyway you can implement the new Midi CC functions from update 1.1??

CC#68 = Scatter Type
CC#69 = Scatter Depth
CC#70 = Scatter Switch

C0 = Accent On/Off
D0 = Reverb On/Off
E0 = Delay On/Off
F0 = Ext. In On/Off
G0 = Accent Pattern Mute
A0 = Reverb Pattern Mute
B0 = Delay Pattern Mute
C1 = Ext. In Pattern Mute
great work - thanks!
How do I make this work? I can't get any sounds from my td-8 through my push
Sorry to ask such a basic question but where do I install these files?

Many thanks

They are .amxd files it does't really matter where you put them. You could drag them right from your desktop straight into live for example. Or put them somewhere that your Live browser scans and drag them from there. Up to you where you put them.
Great Drum Rack!
I had to configure the MIDI OUT of each of the instruments and it works well.
But i can´t make the knobs to respond to changes made on the TR8. I see the incoming MIDI on channel 10, everything is getting into each instrument, but the knobs on the M4L patches doesnt receive the signal.
Is this the normal behaviour or am I missing something?
Thanks !!
Not my patch but I'd say you have to map each control.
Save your set and load it up when you want to jam.
Hi I have loaded this into ableton and when i play the tr-8 i can see the drum rack is being triggered. I can also record midi notes into ableton.

Do i have to configure something to get the audio coming through into the master channel though? At the moment I can't hear anything. Do I have to set something else up?

Many thanks
Hi Nerk:

First of all, thanks for the work man!. Tr8 really needed this.

The thing i like the most of it is the ability it provides to record automation in a live situation. It can effectively extend the somewhat limited pattern lenght of the tr8 in a very creative way.

However i have encountered a painfully limiting issue (at least it happens on my side):
When two or more CC changes are sent at the same time, only one gets through. As a result the existing automation changes every time you record automation for other control. Usually in a non pleasant way.

This can be a real pain when you have big transients of automation. If it misses the cc messages that tells a parameter to go from top to bottom, it gets stuck on the top value until the next cc change (IF it gets through).

Anyone with the same problem?

I dont really have a clue of maxforlive an so i couldn't test if it is an output problem (ableton or the max device) or an input issue of the tr8 (what would be a major mistake of roland).

Maybe if the problem is in the software there might be a workaround to fix it. What do you think Nerk?

It would make me the happiest man on earth :)

I'm using the usb connection btw.

Thanks again.
I´ve got a problem when I push the "SD" button, or any other, the sound I receive is with a delay, do you know why it´s happened this to me?? I´ve tried everything i know, but same result...

any idea if it's possible to connect the TB3 via midi to the TR8 and the change the parameters of the TB3 in ableton as well?

I already download one for TB3 and i put together with this one but when I try to mapping the TB3 don't do nothing, probably need to be connect directly to ableton..
Hi guys and thx to NERK for this rack! How do I assign "audio to" in it? Also, can the TR8 knobs be assigned so that they control the racks buttons?
Thanks for your help
hi super new to this...i just purchased a tb3 and tr8 and would love to have these both devices. I have a novation 49sl midi controller, tb3 and monitors and sub are connected to my mackie big knob and from there the 2 out puts go into my inputs in my I'm guessing i will need to connect the tr and or tb to some midi? please help I'm so lost lol

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