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Roland Aira TR-8 Midi Mapping Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 935

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This sequencer is RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! Well done indeed!

Now we just need a way to bank for more steps. This tool is invaluable besides this one feature!

Man, I can't believe this patch only has 136 downloads!! Out of all the TR-8 patches out there, this one is by far the best! It even let's you program/ automate the new parameters in the update. Other than changing a view colors here and there of the knobs etc. and the order of a few of the drums, I had nothing to change.

Great work, and thanks!

Anyway you can implement the new Midi CC functions from update 1.1??

CC#68 = Scatter Type
CC#69 = Scatter Depth
CC#70 = Scatter Switch

C0 = Accent On/Off
D0 = Reverb On/Off
E0 = Delay On/Off
F0 = Ext. In On/Off
G0 = Accent Pattern Mute
A0 = Reverb Pattern Mute
B0 = Delay Pattern Mute
C1 = Ext. In Pattern Mute

You have to map the software button on the Max 4 Live Device with the Corresponding Hardware Button on your TR-8. Doesn't take more than a minute to map all the buttons.

Then you can record all the automation you guys do/ make.