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Name/Version: Skin Editor 1.0
Author: pechmann  
Description: A skin editor for Live 9. Obviously not as practical as the well-known Live 8 editor, but at least you can edit all colors. Also, you can only really open skin files that were created with this skin editor (and the default skin). To save the current set of colors as a skin, click 'Save', navigate to Live's skin directory ([Live installation directory]\Resources\Skins) and enter a file name with the '.ask' extension.  

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Downloads: 21343
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Mar 07 2013 18:26:12
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Average Rating (6) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: Skin Editor.amxd



Hey thanks a lot for this. Does anyone know which, if any, change Live's meter color?

Hi Lokua, I've tried comparing the meter color with the ones visible in the [colors] window via photoshop, no match. So I don't think you can actually change it in skin files.

Hi, this is great! I've had a good few hours playing around and written up a bit of a tutorial here

Maybe this is obvious to some, but I could never get transparency to work in Live's colour picker before, but I finally managed it today using this editor, so I've written up that as well.

I also sussed out how to increase the contrast in the Note Editor and Arrange Views, which is a great feature in Live 9, but is just too feint.

Out of interest, what colour picker is that in the screenshot?

@macableton - that's the maxmsp picker, windows. Not sure if it's the same on macs.

How did you make this skin editor? I'd like to learn more about MfL when I have the time.

It's working great by the, much easier and quicker than the old one I find

I guess this isn't really a typical mfl device because, basically, all it does is replace certain bytes in the skin file. For this I looked into the file object in Max Javascript ( The rest is about collecting all those colors, managing data flow and designing the UI, which is quite straightfoward in Max. Also, I made use of Max's abstraction principles: The color fields are instances of one abstracted color field and these instances receive information on which color to control.

Hi, cool device. Can you help me? I really like the Ableton Factory '04 Disco' skin but can't see the text on the clips in session view (it's white and the bright clip colours so you can't see well). How would I change all clip text to black but leave clip colours the same? I as don't want to change the text colour in the browser as that is on a dark background so white works well there.

Cheers for that, don't really have enough background to know what most of it means, but not to worry. I'm just glad you made it! I have a long term serious eye condition, and I need all the help I can get using Live from a visual point of view. So it's great to be able to make a custom skin and tweak it as I go. As I say I find this actually easier to use than the old editor, a lot easier in fact.

Here's my skin so far

Can you please make this available for Live 8 aswell?

Hi Marcusan, the win32kfull.sys seems to point to a Windows 10 problem. I can't think of anything I could fix that might be causing this, especially since your crashes don't seem to be immediately connected to file loading/saving actions. I also checked if the skin file format has changed in recent Live versions, but it hasn't. The only thing that's ever been causing problems for me was when I tried editing skins other than the default one. I don't have windows 10 so I'm sorry I can't help you more, just make sure your Live and Max versions are up to date. You could also try contacting the Ableton/Cycling '74 support.

Has this been updated for Live 10? The skins I saved previously with it don't work 100%.

hello! it works on live10.1?

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