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Cool, but no envelope control? Does this device make automation easy with all of the correct parameter labels? Does it enable your settings to be saved with your live project so next time you load it up the synth changes to the correct settings for that project?

Hi, cool device. Can you help me? I really like the Ableton Factory '04 Disco' skin but can't see the text on the clips in session view (it's white and the bright clip colours so you can't see well). How would I change all clip text to black but leave clip colours the same? I as don't want to change the text colour in the browser as that is on a dark background so white works well there.

Push support would be awesome. No sequencer has managed it properly yet :(

How difficult is it to make a max4live OB-8 editor for someone who has never used max. I saw yours and got inspired to try and get hold of one or make on to make it integrate perfectly into my DAW. How do you do it?

I was just looking around to see if there was a Max4Live OB-8 editor. I wonder how difficult it would be to make one or mod and existing editor for it with no previous max knowledge