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Cheers for that, don't really have enough background to know what most of it means, but not to worry. I'm just glad you made it! I have a long term serious eye condition, and I need all the help I can get using Live from a visual point of view. So it's great to be able to make a custom skin and tweak it as I go. As I say I find this actually easier to use than the old editor, a lot easier in fact.

Here's my skin so far

How did you make this skin editor? I'd like to learn more about MfL when I have the time.

It's working great by the, much easier and quicker than the old one I find

Out of interest, what colour picker is that in the screenshot?

Hi, this is great! I've had a good few hours playing around and written up a bit of a tutorial here

Maybe this is obvious to some, but I could never get transparency to work in Live's colour picker before, but I finally managed it today using this editor, so I've written up that as well.

I also sussed out how to increase the contrast in the Note Editor and Arrange Views, which is a great feature in Live 9, but is just too feint.