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Name | Version: getLivePath 1.0
Author: synnack
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This device quickly tells you the "live path" of a selected paramter.

For those who build thier own devices or edit others that use the Live API, you very often need to figure out what the particular path is in the API to a specific parameter so you can get or set or observe it's value. Though the Live Object Model (LOM) documentation is great, the process can be sped up quite a bit with a simple utility device like this.

This device makes no sound or generates no MIDI. If the above paragraph was confusing, this device is probably not for you.

I originally created this device to demonstrate the "live_set view selected_parameter" and explain the concept of an API path as part of a Max for Live lecture at the Decibel festival in 2012 titled "Demystifying Max for Live". There are many free "LOM Explorer" utilities out there and like I said, the LOM documentation is already pretty good. This device does not attempt to replace any of those. It's just a simple utility that I use as part of my M4L classes that you may find useful to demonstrate the same concepts.

1. Click Learn, find the parameter you want to know the path for.

2. select the path in the text box and copy it to the clipboard

3. Paste the path into whatever device you're working on...


Live Version Used: 8.3.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Sep 25 2012 20:06:17
Date Last Updated: Sep 25 2012 20:09:58
Downloads: 1489
License: Attribution
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Device File: getLivePath.amxd


Neat one, it will join Shelluser's LOM navigator for my everlasting quest of a better understanding of LOM and Live api.
Fantastic little "go to" timesaver. Thank you.
:) yeah!!! thx!!!
This would be great if it worked for everything. But things like record_mode (the global record button) and a lot of other things don't work.
Just got this, but haven't tried it out yet. I did want to ask before I delve in, however:

Could this device be used to trace any lingering/previous MIDI mappings on a parameter?
See, I've been trying to use Liine's Lemur app to control certain aspects of Live 9, but it's a constant uphill battle trying to lay everything out one piece at a time (nothing new, I know).
It becomes even more bothersome when parameters are either accidentally/previously mapped to the same MIDI control (ie, an audio track's on/off switch is linked by one of Lemur's controls with a VSTs LFO Wave selector). That kinda shit just slows things down more, and I'd hope something like this could help me avoid hitting those obstacles before they happen. A kind of "checking the lines" before finalizing a full set-up.

What do you think?
This has saved me so much time. I added a getid message to the live.object to be displayed in the window too. Thank you for sharing. Really been using it a lot.
I need this one)
Really good one!

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