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Name/Version: XY send nodes circlepan.amxd 2
Author: Krisloop  
Description: I've added a circle pan to the XY Send Nodes 1.0 by cosmod

Yan can have many instance of the device now and choose to link them or not.

If you wanna record your movement, you have to make an options.txt file and to write that:


Put your file in
/Users/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live 8.3.4/Options.txt

You will find the Library pressing down the alt key in the "go to" menu of the finder.

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Downloads: 1822
Tags beta
Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 6.0.5
Date Added: Sep 19 2012 05:36:52
Date Last Updated: Oct 03 2013 07:30:01
Average Rating (3) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: XY send nodes_circlepan2.amxd


If you wanna record your movement, you have to make an options.txt file and to write that:


Put your file in
/Users/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live 8.3.4/Options.txt

You will find the Library pressing down the alt key in the "go to" menu of the finder.

HOLY CRAP! This makes it do things I have always wanted. I modified the previous X-Y module from Greg Heffernan (Cosmo D) to be able to have X-Y on each channel for Lemur controlled surround panning. Now with this I can alternate from discrete channels to pure outputs/ perfect circle automations or other perfect real time automation. Thank you so much for this awesome addition!!!!!!

@roninmbattousai: How did you get it to work? I've tried to map one bouncing ball in Lemur to the X Y parameters in the device without success. When I move the ball, the parameter jumps between zero and one. If I do automations of the X Y in the arrange of Live then everything works flawlessly
Could you help me, please?

great , just great !

Krisloop. This is fantastic. 5 stars. I really have to learn how to make my own devices. I just started looking at this stuff today.

Up until your mod, I was achiveing circular animation with this setup.

And you can animate interesting chapes by setting different rates between the two LFOs and altering the Phase.

You mod is a lot simpler.

Both versions suffer from sharing the "Knob" POSITION variables in global space. This means that if you have two instances of the device, they both fight to update the same coordinates as the knob position is animated. Effectively limiting you to one XY Send Nodes device per set.

Someone needs to find a way to move the X and Y position variables into the scope of the device instance. Whilst I have experience as a programmer, I am a straight up n00b with Max so I have no idea. I need to start learning this thing.

anyway, there it is. We're limited to only using 1 per set if we want to animate.

You might want to consider greatly increasing your top speed :)

Can you imagine a dance song with a riser that exponentially increases the speed of an animated sound element until it becomes perceived OMNIPRESENT ;)

Might even have an interesting phasing effect for the given listening environment.

Yes I know. This could be the beginning of something awful :P

to roninmbattousai

I understand you modified the original xy send nodes, to react correctly to different CCs on different tracks.
That could be a great improvement. A lot of people are waiting for this.
Could you put it on line for everybody ?
Would you send it to me by email ?
because I dramatically need it for further multichannel Lemur interfaces.
my email :
Many, many thanks in advance

great! thanks.

I just wondered if it was normal that I
could not have the Rotate or Circle
being automated?... :'-(

thanks anyways

Only me who suffer with crack noise when im using it? it sounds a little like clock problems but it only comes when i use the plugin..

Antonin it is very easy yo active the mapping for the parameter you want in Max - open it and push the thing you need to change and go to inspector - there you set the "Paramester visibility" to "automated and stored" instead of hidden..

it works here..

there is something with the tempo which a kind of strange?
i really need a guide to draw my own curves!? please help anyone..

Yes that's true. I had some crack noise when the point changes node.
I don' t know why, I'm not a Max expert at all. Now when I want to make circle pans I use Logelloop , a very interesting software.

Has anyone been able to map the XY parameters to a MIDI controller? I'm trying to use a Kaoss pad or the pitch/modulation joystick on a keyboard.

It seems the X and Y values go from 0-1 in 0.01 increments. MIDI goes from 1-127 in increments of 1 which means that one MIDI increment jumps the whole scale of the XY position.

Is it possible to change the scale of the XY parameters so it will be compatible with MIDI commands, or is there a MIDI converter that can scale down the incoming commands so they are readable by this plugin?


@ajakaaj and @acme
Any news about the XY mapping?? I have the same problem.

Hi AJ,

if your parameter goes in one jump to 1 , it's probably that you're using a Note on/off and not a Control Change , as you should use.
just verify this in Lemur.

sometimes when you create a new fader or rotating device, it has by default a Z parameter set to a note. It can be this Z who send a note on to 1. So just verify and delete this Z to none.

But in any case don't worry about this 0 to 1 scale, your problem is not there.

Hope your device will work now



I'm trying to figure out a way to make the circle pan move even slower does anyone know if this might be possible?

Kind regards,

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