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HOLY CRAP! This makes it do things I have always wanted. I modified the previous X-Y module from Greg Heffernan (Cosmo D) to be able to have X-Y on each channel for Lemur controlled surround panning. Now with this I can alternate from discrete channels to pure outputs/ perfect circle automations or other perfect real time automation. Thank you so much for this awesome addition!!!!!!

This is a great device. The only thing I would like to see added would be the difference between a loop being stopped and the loop being cleared. Like black versus gray or something. But great device and is going into my live looping set.

Great device!!!! Could this be applied or modded to control meter as well? I really like that this way of controlling tempo in comparison to using scene launching so that you can use it for synchronization on the same scene.

Awesome device. How can I assign the panner to MIDI and hows the 7.1 edition coming along? I would love to be able to use ableton extensively with my 7.1 rear surround music. Thanks again.