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XY send nodes circlepan.amxd Version 2

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Yes that's true. I had some crack noise when the point changes node.
I don' t know why, I'm not a Max expert at all. Now when I want to make circle pans I use Logelloop , a very interesting software.

@ audioramdam

That's true Madlab, I found the solution with an LFO on X and Y.

OK, I've added a circle pan:

If you wanna record your movement, you have to make an options.txt file and to write that:


Put your file in
/Users/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live 8.3.4/Options.txt

You will find the Library pressing down the alt key in the "go to" menu of the finder.

Very good patch , thanks a lot.

I'd like to rotate the sound, so I put a line ramp on the rotate knob. It works but too fast and if I change the line ramp it doesn't change the rotation speed... Can you help me?