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Name/Version: freeze 1.0
Author: klirr2007  
Description: "freeze" is a jitter based freeze plugin with denoiser (i used parts of algorithm by Jean-Francois Charles:

Hit the Big "Freeze" button to freeze something. Put it off to bypass the dry signal. You have 3 possible freeze modes for stereo/mono sources - stereo for stereophonic freezing (you will hear the phase differences very well) and mono for equal L/R freezing.

You can use denoiser to gate the quite/noisy parts of your frozen sound. Simply raise up the value to hear the effect.

Attention - your buffer won't be saved with your patch!!!

Have fun and please report any bugs!

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Downloads: 2119
Tags effect
Live Version Used: 8.1.4
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Jul 09 2010 20:19:23
Date Last Updated: Jul 11 2010 14:56:33
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: freeze1.amxd


Hi klirr2007

I am the one who made the "stupid" amxd file filter. Can you explain what is needed by this patch that is NOT included if you just freeze the device before saving it?

Freezing includes externals such as .js files and images needed.

I do not allow zips for good reason. This site cannot become another "rapidshare". Let me know why you feel the freeze function in Max is not what you need before I decide to delete this entry or not.

Thanks dude. Not trying to be a dick but as for now, no zips allowed, even if you rename it. You also have the option of posting the amxd, and using the URL field to link to other things needed. But I'm not convinced Freeze is not what you need anyway.


The reason for sharing it as a folder was using some pfft~ objects that always need an extra patcher with fftin~ and fftout~ to work. All default max4live devices are doing the same (look at "Max SpectralDelay" or "Max SpectralHarm") - they store their patchers usually in "/Max5/patches/m4l-patches/Tools resources".
It works also with freezing device but in that case you can't edit the fftin~/fftout~patcher.

Hope you understand my position.

Anyway i'll upload here an froozed .amxd and share all the other thing on my webpage.

All the best,


My mistake - you can edit the patchers after unfreezing the device (for who don't know - they are stored in "unfrozen max device files" folder). :)

All the best,


Hi klirr2007

I really like your pluggin,

sorry for asking but could you tell me how to edit the fftin ~ / ~ fftout patcher in Max for live,

I want to do a Fourier filter but I need to know this

thank you very much

Thank you, klirr2007! I like the sound of this freezer.

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