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My mistake - you can edit the patchers after unfreezing the device (for who don't know - they are stored in "unfrozen max device files" folder). :)

All the best,



The reason for sharing it as a folder was using some pfft~ objects that always need an extra patcher with fftin~ and fftout~ to work. All default max4live devices are doing the same (look at "Max SpectralDelay" or "Max SpectralHarm") - they store their patchers usually in "/Max5/patches/m4l-patches/Tools resources".
It works also with freezing device but in that case you can't edit the fftin~/fftout~patcher.

Hope you understand my position.

Anyway i'll upload here an froozed .amxd and share all the other thing on my webpage.

All the best,


very cool idea!

got answer from ableton support - you can use IAC-Driver to raoute the virtual MIDI signal like a hardware one!
more here:

thx for nice modding!

i know allready about "M4L.api.DeviceParameterRemote" but it isn't a good solution in my opinion. Virtual midi controlling signal has to be mapped in ONE place along with physical devices to make all the midi connections visible in one place. But i'll add this api in a next release as a feature. ;)

thx again!

thx for your feedback! have fun!

beat sync and direct MIDI scaling option coming soon...