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Devices by eltnet

fp.Destroy Version 1.14
fp.Reverse Version 1.66
fp.Tune Version 1.52
fp.Granulate Version 1.23
fp.Shape Version 1.0
fp.Clock Version 2.12
fp.8bits Version 1.12

Comments by eltnet



Thx a lot. Nice.

Hello, I made a modified version of your device.
You can find it here:
Enjoy !


very nice programing. very efficient. thx.

but nice programming by the way. ;-)

To unlock just hold cmd+shift on mac... :-)

You forgot to freeze it. Empty patch...

very good example of programming...

It's exactly what i wanted to make. Thx a lot.

Ok, I added poly~s for Mono, Stereo & Transposer. Please let me know if something doesn't work.

Hooo. I just noticed that polys are not include in the amxd. I'll correct that soon. for now you can only play with p-PitchFFTST. I'm looking for a way to add the others.

Red keys are just keys played. It's a polyphonic pitch.
You can reduce latency by changing the window's size of "gadget". For example 2048 instead 4096.

great. thx for sharing.

how do you control it by midi in live ?