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Type/Tag Entries Description
All 1823 Everything in the library
MIDI Devices 932 Max for Live MIDI Devices
Audio Devices 682 Max for Live Audio Devices
MIDI Instruments 209 Max for Live MIDI Instrument Devices
LFO 111 LFO Devices for modulating Ableton Live parameters
Sequencers 303 Devices including sequencers
Drum Machine 121 Devices for Beats
Sample Glitch 169 Boring beats? Mangle time.
Effects 570 Audio or Midi effect Devices
Jitter/Video 28 Max for Live Devices containing Jitter Video capabilities
Utility 967 MIDI or API Utilities
Experimental/Other 549 WTF Devices
Hardware Control 401 Devices to control external hardware
DJ 201 DJ Oriented Devices
Works in Progress 205 Beta quality devices / Works in Progress
M4L Hack Event 5 Devices made at M4L Hack events. More info soon.
Ableton Push 49 Devices made for use with Ableton Push.

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