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MIDI ChromatixT mr 0.03 by synthesizerwriter
39 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, utility, other, dj, beta
This is a chromatic remapper: a way to alter the notes that are put into a following 'Scale' device so that you get variations. But in this case, these are variations where they can be controlled - se... (more info)

MIKADO ClyphX SNAP Midi In Mod Wheel 1.0 by spiralune
10 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Receive Midi IN Mod Wheel from Midi Keybord and and Add Abillity to CLYPHX USER ALL/SNAP DEVALL MIX+ CAN RECALL MOD WHEEL POSITION to synth ------------------------------------------... (more info)

MIKADO - Base SAVE Patch Preset with LIVE projet 2.0 by spiralune
24 downloads, 0 Comments utility
HELP for Programmer Need make Ableton Max Patch with PRESET~ object SAVEd With LIVE Project.. .als Easly and Realy Effective !! This patch is a Base "" PRESET~, PattStorage~, Pattr~... (more info)

MIKADO -Base SeQ midi Perfect Sync with Live 1.0 by spiralune
19 downloads, 0 Comments utility
This patch is for programmer Who want make a sequencer in perfect sync with Ableton Live Transport time line (more info)

DDPSeq 1.0 by davedove
71 downloads, 1 Comments sequencer
A simple two track note sequencer. Each track has up to 8 steps and an independent clock, which is synced to Live's transport. The clocks can be divided by any number up to 127, leading to some nice, ... (more info)

Loptimist - Pushianist 1.0 by loptimist
110 downloads, 0 Comments push
Introducing) Hi, I made midi effect device "Pushianist" to practice my piano skill as Push's chromatic layout. I wanted to see what difference of voicing is between Piano vs Push while i press any ch... (more info)

Markov Controllers 1.1 by opticon93
102 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Hi, This thing is based off of the Autechre statement about having "Conditionals" (Events) and after some of those conditions have occurred a number of times, then "Something" happens. In this vers... (more info)

Mikado 8 Tracks CHOKE CLIP from PUSH 2 1.0 by spiralune
35 downloads, 0 Comments utility, dj, push
"" Someone can confirm me if it works with push2"" ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PUSH 2 see picture first: ableton midi preference PUSH need assign ... (more info)

REPEAT 1.1 by Noisscoko
0 Comments sequencer, other, hardware, beta
REPEAT is a sixteen step MIDI sequencer that allows you to program sequences step by step. Send its output to your instruments and play with the random function to easily create beats, bass lines or m... (more info)

AC-1 POLYPHONIC SYNTH 1.0 by Noisscoko
0 Comments synth, lfo, other, beta
AC-1 is a subtractive polyphonic synthesiser, featuring two oscillators, frequency modulation, and all the classic elements that allow to create any kind of sound in a simple and versatile way. It wa... (more info)

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