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NSynth 1.0 by magenta
1 Comments synth, sampler
Uses neural networks to draw audio waveforms one audio sample at a time. Morph between different instruments in a grid. Blog post: Demonstration vide... (more info)

DrawFm v2 2.0 by flec8
221 downloads, 0 Comments synth
DrawFM is a simple FM synthesizer with a focus on drawing both carrier and modulator waveforms. With a variety of controls such as modulator envelope time, amplitude envelopes and vibrato DrawFM provi... (more info)

Mute Them All 1.0 by flec8
84 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Mute Them All! is a simple utility devices which mutes either all returns or audio tracks in a project. (more info)

MyXFM 1.0 by opticon93
136 downloads, 0 Comments synth
Hi Folks, This is a Liveified version of . Enjoy (more info)

Ableton Live Code 1.0 by reallyusefulplugin
130 downloads, 4 Comments synth, drum, lfo, sequencer, utility, other, dj
Live Coding inside Ableton. ru.livecode allows you to control and create with simple syntax. -- create and trigger quantised MIDI clips -- use variables to quickly build up patterns and structures -- ... (more info)

DUSTYRUSTY granular cross synthesis sampler 1.1 by audiobits
5 Comments synth, sampler
Make some crazy sounds with this granular, cross synthesis, ring modulation, pitch shifting sampler with a hint of additive synthesis. I’ve had success using a mix of music sample and monophonic i... (more info)

Baron Cimitiere 0.3 by hyena
304 downloads, 1 Comments synth, drum, sequencer, other
Baron Cimitière is a single oscillator digital drum device with its own sequencer. Very simple but effective, you can sequence your bassdrum (you can set pitch and amp envelopes) and then create othe... (more info)

Topographic Seq Ext 0.1 by elliof
168 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, hardware
Extended version of: Now with AD envelope on each output. The logic of this device is a portage from an Eurorack module made by: Olivier ... (more info)

Topographic Seq 0.2 by elliof
166 downloads, 1 Comments sequencer, hardware
This device is a portage from an Eurorack module made by: Olivier Gillet - Mutable Instruments - Grids The portage has been originally made by: http://mo... (more info)

SNARE-88 1.0 by DENPA
1 Comments drum
Snare drum synthesizer based on Roland TR-808 circuit This device is composed of 2 OSC, noise generator and band pass filter same as TR-808. Decay : Decay Time Tone : Balance of OSC1/2 Pitch : OSC1... (more info)

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