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Compositor Max For Live 1.0.3 by Ruslan
1 Comments synth, sequencer, other
Unlike many random generators, Compositor Max For Live gives predictable results with algorithmic approach. The device name uniquely describes the use of musical steps, which give together a sequence ... (more info)

vCroma 1.0 by wiredm4ls
115 downloads, 0 Comments synth, video, effect
vCroma is a converter device from RGB scale to sound frequencies. The user can translate the RGB variations of a video file to sound. You can select between three sources.A)video file, B) Video noise ... (more info)

LoopRe-StepCtrl 1.0 by hyakken
0 Comments sampler, sequencer
additional patch for LoopRe user (more info)

noisedrone 2 2.0 by robTech
1353 downloads, 3 Comments synth, drum, effect, glitch, other
noisedrone 2 is a quite awesome noise machine; based on the work of dorkattack ( - thanks for it! I added some enhancements: - some odd circuit... (more info)

DRK VIDEOLOOPS 1.0 by DrKesler
172 downloads, 0 Comments video, other
DRK VIDEOLOOPS is a software wich makes easy-access loops from preloaded videos, or by videos loaded by you. Sound from videos is enabled. It is made with quick time libraries, so mov and mp4 videos a... (more info)

Mashup by Ned Rush 1.0 by nedrush1
0 Comments sampler, glitch, other
Mashup is a chance based sound editor for beat based edits, mangles and mashups in pure Ned Rush style. Drop a loop, set some sliders, record what it does and use the best bits for your tracks. A use... (more info)

StonedGlitch 1.0 by wiredm4ls
287 downloads, 3 Comments glitch
StonedGlitch is a glitch patch which allows the user to glitch through six different audio sources. Each source can triggered by Ableton Live piano roll [C3-G3]. The user can adjust the final result b... (more info)

Scanner 1.0 by snaper
7 Comments other
Gamma Devices Scanner (more info)

TR-8 Control Rack 1.1 by RyanRitchie
198 downloads, 8 Comments drum, utility, hardware, push
The TR-8 Control Rack is to be paired with the Roland Aira TR-8 drum machine This device is a drum rack containing multiple max for live and routing devices to easily control and sequence your TR-8. ... (more info)

Pulsor 1.0 by mauriziogiri
0 Comments synth, glitch, other
Pulsor is a Max for Live virtual instrument. It is essentially a monophonic synth that produces glitching/pulsing sounds and complex rhythmic soundscapes thanks to its odd circuitry. It can also creat... (more info)

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