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Microsonic FM 1.0 by bencarey
275 downloads, 3 Comments synth
Microsonic FM is a polyphonic granular synthesiser, based on quasi-synchronous granular synthesis techniques. It's capable of creating anything from sparse and bubbling textures to lush, warm pads: h... (more info)

Lissajous 1.0 by Sineraw
0 Comments synth, video, other
Lissajous is a real-time audio reactive graphics device built in Max/MSP and inspired by the work of Jules Antoine Lissajous. Lissajous was first released as a standalone application in June 2015 and... (more info)

Audio Stretcher 1.0 by kgunessee
399 downloads, 20 Comments synth, sampler, effect, other (more info)

Monoglitch 1.0 by floszk
0 Comments synth, lfo, glitch, other
Draw glitches (from 2 to 1024 samples) and play them alone or oscillator-like. Monoglitch is a friendly Midi Instrument to introduce noises and grooves into your productions. Shape some cool sounds wi... (more info)

Sample Fader 1.1 by hyakken
0 Comments sampler
crossfading 4 audio samples update: v1.1 added pitch shifter added EQ fixed issue of multiple instance (more info)

KickDrum 1.0 by Yanakyl
541 downloads, 3 Comments synth, drum
Kick Drum generator based on a sine wave with envelope for deep sounds and fast attack. (more info)

Sample Player Key 1.0 by hyakken
0 Comments sampler
additional patch for sample player user (more info)

valence 1.1 by disconnector
442 downloads, 4 Comments synth
valence is a single oscillator monophonic synth with some interesting sound shaping qualities. UPDATE: 2015-09-23 / improved envelope exponents - much more responsive now / fixed an error with the s... (more info)

Szk Chaos Pack 1.0 by floszk
0 Comments synth, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, other
A collection of 8x devices and midi instruments dedicated to autogenerative music and Live’s parameters modulations. Randomizer, Fractal synth, Strange Attractors patterns, Modulation with audio in... (more info)

0 Comments synth, drum
Bass Drum Synthesizer. Volume : Volume Decay : Decay Time A Pitch : Attack Pitch R Pitch : Release Pitch Sweep : Sweep Time Curve: Sweep Curve Overdrive : Overdrive N Decay : Noise Decay Time Noise :... (more info)

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