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Luminist 1.0 by encoderaudio
1 Comments synth, sampler, other
Luminist Experimental granular texture generator for sound designers. (more info)

IR-Bulb-Remote 1.0 by gh0stless
0 Comments other, hardware, m4lhackevent
IR-Bulb-Remote.amxd ist a Max4Live Example-Device of the irsend c-extension. it is an Max4Live-Instrument that play Colors of a cheap Color-LED-Bulb instead of Sound. The Name of your Remote-.cfg and ... (more info)

Digital Synth Adding Waves Pack 1.0 by RedBeats
0 Comments synth, sequencer
Digital by Max for Cats Max for Cats presents DiGiTAL, a powerful polyphonic synth that fuses aspects of additive, wavetable, frequency modulation and subtractive synthesis. DiGiTAL is distinctly de... (more info)

M32 - LEMUR ONLY 1.0 by dric
153 downloads, 0 Comments synth, lfo
Hi, An other little blue synth! :) M32 Is hybrid Additive synth which can be controlled by lemur. Hybrid because that can be FM synth also. The 32 harmonics magnitude is modulated by 32 points of ... (more info)

FormAnt 1.090916 by hallmd
0 Comments synth
FormAnt is a six-formant, subtractive monosynth with three anti-aliased oscillators (+ noise). It is part of a long-term, ongoing, university laboratory project that seeks to use a parallel bank of se... (more info)

Properloop 2.0 2.0 by jonbenderr
0 Comments sampler, sequencer, glitch
Properloop 2.0 is here! Properloop 1.0 users, check your email before purchasing. A much improved interface and overall simplified usability. A complete reprogram from the ground up. (more info)

FM-OP4 1.0 by dric
300 downloads, 4 Comments synth, lfo
Hello, OP-4 is back! :) Some troubles with the freezing function on first version.. (thanks to kleine which avert me!). Normally now it work. This allowed me to add some improvements. OP-4 is Four ... (more info)

M4L Echo Rasta Box 1.0 by egnouf
0 Comments synth, lfo, dj, push
The perfect companion for creating NICE DUBBY SIREN ! You can also use it in your own electro compositions, results are terrific ! It includes: - Save, export & import facilities, (you can also sha... (more info)

boing 1.1 by sternmull
175 downloads, 0 Comments synth, other
a device to draw a bouncy ball on an oscilloscope (lissajous figures) (more info)

some others modules for osillot 1.0 by dric
9 Comments synth, drum, sampler, lfo, effect, utility, other
hello, pack complement of my first pack, some other modules for oscillot and beap. for install look like this, the first pack: (more info)

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