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I purchased this tool to be able to mute/unmute drum cells (similar to how this can be done on an MPC) and throw in some short cuts to fx while doing so.

It works really great, compliments to this programmer. There is room for improvement but mostly in the details. Shame for me is that Touchable does not play nice with this tool (I think due to touchable).I would recommend anyone who is interested in this combination to reach out to touchable. I hope they will be able to fix this.

I mentioned some feature request and the touchable issue to Tim, the developer of FX Central, and he is one of the most responsive and professional people i have had the pleasure to encounter in the music software/hardware world. If you don't work with touchable (in combination with fx central) i highly recommend this tool!

Hi it syncs fine now with the voyager!
Im really confused and tried everything. I cannot get it to recall the patches when i load the max file.
I follow your instructions (to adjust the location for the jx.fjit file (what does that do? recall the patch names?) but it doesn't work and i have to re load the voyager banks file every time to populate it.
When i edit the patch and click the box that reads the location (that start with read ") the max windows shows
jit.matrix Can't find the file "[location]"

Result is when i load my ableton project, the voyager patch is reset.
Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks ! I will try this as soon as I am near my voyager again.

HI Moros, thnx for your reply.
I'm on a mac and use sysex librarian. For a far as i know the voyager recognizes the correct sysex files of the right format. So when i send any patch or bank it will load it. You don't have to set to 'receive' or anything like that. Your sysex file ends with .syx.txt. I removed the txt and send it to the voyager but it doesn't load correctly. The first bank ends up empty and the others don't match the patch names from the max device.
I guess if you would just export all banks directly from your voyager and send me that file, then i can load that one into mine. I tested it with my own banks and it works fine that way.

Great Device!
I wondered. How can i upload your patches to my voyager. Do i need the sound tower library manager? And the other way around, to i need the library manager to put my patches in the max device?

The note length 'bug' was copied from the original 185 patch i guess. It's the same there.
Although I actually often prefer the legato style. Specifically for held notes, which, how it works right now, don't play the full length of the stage because it is cut of to prevent the problem with mono synths (which shouldn't be a problem. Aren't you mostly able to set your monosynth to "retrigger" the envelopes when played legato?).
Best option would be to be able to choose between 4 kinds of behaviours:
1 Play legato (tied notes, so you can do glides)
2 Staccato, current functionality
3 play all notes legato but release them just before the next stage so the envelope on a mono synth is retriggered.

All of the above could be done with a single 'gate' knob.
or 4th:
4 Staccato, current functionality, but held notes are played legato

Keep up the good work! love this device