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Onee more comment; you might want to make the name something like BBD Analog Delay as I could not find it with search as I kept thinking "analog delay". GREAT analog flanger affects like my old A/DA Flanger!

This is a really great delay effect and indeed can sound very analog / BBD. One of the most musical delays I've encountered in LIVE / M4L. A couple of small suggestions if I may...

1) The mod depth control is very sensitive so it's a bit hard to get subtle modulation...would be nice to have more range at lower depth settings.
2) Would love to see longer delay times up to say 8-10 seconds or sync to Bars: 1/2/4 etc.

Either way I am enjoying the device and find it very musical...thanks!

This is one of the most useful delays I have found for LIVE! The really long delays are wonderful and the divisions make sense without a lot of UI nonsense. Some suggestions to make it even more useful...

1) Both Hi and Lo Cut filters
2) Time modulation - Sine/Tri/Square with Rate and Depth in Hz
3) Freeze - Capture the current audio in the delay and keep playing it back

This is close to having Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop in LIVE. Thanks for your work on this...really excellent.

Hi Will - Really linking this device a lot. Had one small request; can you set it to go slower than 1.00hz? I am doing some very slow ambient music and it would be great to have smaller values available. I find that when LIVE is set to like 30BPM and it is synced I don't get notes being triggered. Thanks for your excellent work.

Not sure if the spelling of Easle is intentional but it keeps your device from coming up in a search for "easel" :-)