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visualiser 1.0 by alkman
79 downloads, 0 Comments utility
A collection of visualization and reference tools. XY scope, frequency spectrum, sonogram, and an oscilloscope. Based on Mix Matcher by Funkatronics and Oscilloscope 2.0 by Jerobeam Fenderson. Pretty ... (more info)

open file 1.0 by alkman
22 downloads, 0 Comments utility
A simple device that searches for paths and opens files or programmes in your hard drive. If "auto open" is on then the file is opened automatically each time Live starts. (more info)

Mutant 1.0 by fuse
72 downloads, 0 Comments drum, sequencer, utility, other
Mutant is a Max For Live Device, it convert the ASCII code in Binary Sequences for create numerical patterns (more info)

NEXT 1.0 by weightausend
1 Comments lfo, sequencer, utility, other, hardware, m4lhackevent
NEXT is an ultra-compact Parameter Sequencer for Ableton Live. It features a Note-Resettable 8 Step Sequencer, 5 preset automated slots, and the possibility to store and call group of presets in a .js... (more info)

F-BKR 1.2 by RonfromRIFAS
17 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
The F-BKR gives your Launchpad Mk2 mappable horizontal faders for controlling Macro controls using the User 2 page. To use select the Launchpad's control surface number and turn on the rows you wish ... (more info)

V-Bump 2.0 by RonfromRIFAS
11 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
The V-Bump is a volume controlling device using the buttons of the Launchpad (Mk2). The bottom two rows of the User 2 page become Up/Down buttons increasing or decreasing the volume of it's track 1d... (more info)

Vbap Pong Delay 1.0 by alkman
148 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
2D Surround pong delay based on Ville Pulkki's vBap(vector base amplitude panning) spatialisation algorithm. Same idea as the Vbap panner here: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/5187/vbap-pa... (more info)

14 downloads, 0 Comments utility
WRITE STATE OF SELECTED DEVICE TO HIGHTLIGHT SELECTED CLIP : this patch need "clyphx Pro" installed AS MIDI SCRIPT AND USE "" [ ] CLIP ENVCAP DEV °° FUNCTION ________________... (more info)

Velocity Curve Editor 1.1 by AbletonKurse
0 Comments effect, utility, other
Edit your velocity curve quick and easy for external MIDI notes e.g. coming from Push or SPD-SX into Ableton Live. You find detailled info here: http://blog.abletondrummer.com/velocity-curve-editor-f... (more info)

Mappable resume playback 1.0 by nottaj
36 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Simple button to pause/resume playback, so you can bind it to a key instead of hitting shift + space. Made it for myself, figured I'd save someone the trouble. Set it, fold it and forget it. (more info)

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