Sequencer Devices

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TheThing 1.0 by jonbenderr
1 Comments sequencer, utility
TheThing is an interesting expansion on the typical 16-step sequencer. Check the product page for more info! Compatible with live 9 and max 7. (more info)

64 downloads, 0 Comments video, sequencer, other
DRK. SYNESTHESIA Note: Examples Ableton files and stand alone Mac-PC version can be downloaded here: Video: T... (more info)

euclide 1.0 by hatefish
254 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, beta
euclide is an euclidean sequencer. It is simple and effective. Put in front of your favourite synth, play with parameters... and that's all. Inspired by the seminal paper by Godfried Toussaint (htt... (more info)

MDD OCTOMORPH 1.0 by maximedangles
267 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, effect, utility
8 knobs to map to anything in live. 16 presets of this 8 parameters. 1 sequencer to sequence the 16 presets. have fun ! (more info)

Kelyn the Kick 1.0.0 by davedove
0 Comments synth, drum, sequencer
Kelyn the Kick is a VA waveshaping kick drum with a lot of control and a grown-up variable length sequencer... Kelyn joins 'The Lads', a bundle of Virtual Analogue Sequenced Percussion devices... (more info)

PicSeq 1.01 by encoderaudio
2 Comments video, sequencer, other
PicSeq is an image sequencer, where an image is converted into a 160x160 pixel matrix, then again, into 16, 40x40 pixel smaller matrixes. Every 40x40 matrix represents 1 step in 16 steps long sequence... (more info)

Random Riff Generator FREE 2.0 by MarioNieto
0 Comments synth, drum, sampler, sequencer, utility, hardware, dj
FREE DOWNLOAD! Random Riff Generator FREE is a midi tool that generates sequences for you, these midi sequences/riffs can be sent to any synth, software or hardware, sampler, drum machine.. and basic... (more info)

Repetitor 1.6 by Razzkazz
535 downloads, 4 Comments sequencer
Repetitor is a 4 channel gate generator inspired by the Zularic Repetitor by Noise Engineering. The patterns it uses are taken from the manual of the Zularic Repetitor. Updates 1.5 - added velocity... (more info)

LP PACK For The Novation Launchpad 1.0 by S4racen
0 Comments sequencer, hardware
The LP Pack from LDM Design is a further extension of the work you may have already seen on LDM Design website the home of such beauties as Manglerack & Hepta Delay. Their first three devices for us ... (more info)

Algo 1.0 by ldmdevices
2 Comments sequencer
Algo is an algorithmic step sequencer. The default mode is the Euclidean algorithm, which will distribute the selected number of pulses or hits across the number of steps in the most even way possibl... (more info)

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