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aP - Chord Castle -Free Device- 1.0 by ascoltatore
0 Comments sequencer, utility, glitch, other, push
Free Device, download it by Gumroad. Video Demo: Chord Castle is a Ableton Live's Chord Device with some fun additions. Basically you can add up to ... (more info)

Twistor by K-Devices 1.0 by kdevices
0 Comments sequencer, utility, other, push
PURE MODULATION MAGIC Thanks to powerful pattern creation and twisting features, Twistor creates modulations that are not possible to obtain with other modulators! HOW IT WORKS Twistor is easy to mas... (more info)

MOOR by K-Devices 1.0 by kdevices
0 Comments sequencer, other, push
A MONO ORACLE MOOR is a unique monophonic step sequencer that will let you create sequences that you could never get with other tools of its kind. It creates, then twist and manipulates your sequences... (more info)

aP - bCause 1.0 by ascoltatore
0 Comments synth, drum, sampler, effect, utility, glitch, other, push
I finished and refined my very first project, "bCause - Creative Sample Slicer", this is the first public release. In this new version everything is much more simpler and intuitive but mainly it does... (more info)

DSP Octatrack Kontrol 1.0 by PatrickDSP
75 downloads, 0 Comments hardware, push
Control & automate your Elektron Octatrack MK1 or MK2. Based off Hetan's Octatrack MIDI Ctrl 1.0: (more info)

Groovyfier 1.0 by meshgarden
8 Comments effect, utility, push
Placed before a drum rack, Groovyfier gives you the ability to apply per-note delays to drum rack pads to change the groove and tweak your beats, from a single pad sound slight offset, to a complete b... (more info)

FPB Push Colour Notes 1.2 by fingerspushbuttons
154 downloads, 2 Comments utility, push
Push Colour Notes v1.2 Swaps blue and white note display on Push 1 for fixed colour to note display. Version 1.2 Bug fix update for in_scale mode note re-trigger issue also demo videos here: http://... (more info)

Realtime Granulator 1.0 by troll
528 downloads, 6 Comments effect, glitch, push
I liked the idea of the Hourglass Granulator but found it difficult to use so I hacked it into this hope its useful mapped out to push controller. original version here .... (more info)

Random Chords Generator PRO 1.0 by MarioNieto
2 Comments synth, drum, sampler, sequencer, utility, other, hardware, dj, push
Random Chords Generator PRO is an instrument built to create midi chords from the MIDI notes received. It comes with 52 chord types and control for manual or automatic randomization for inversion, ve... (more info)

Mikado 8 Tracks CHOKE CLIP from PUSH 2 1.0 by spiralune
110 downloads, 0 Comments utility, dj, push
"" Someone can confirm me if it works with push2"" ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PUSH 2 see picture first: ableton midi preference PUSH need assign ... (more info)

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