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Meeblip micro Editor 1.2 1.2 by halfbyte
32 downloads, 2 Comments hardware
An updated version of scarkord's 1.1 editor. basically only added full parameter recall which was missing from the original. (more info)

Korg Monologue Controller 0.4 by bazarbizar
53 downloads, 0 Comments hardware
Korg Monologue hardware controller Assignable Monologue controls. Unique features: - VCO1 pitch - random macro button Much credit goes to Nozric for the already 60% functional Minilogue device: htt... (more info)

Whammy IV MIDI Controller 1.0 by byebyeempire
33 downloads, 1 Comments hardware
The Whammy IV MIDI Controller is a Live device that let's you take over your Digitech Whammy pedal. Simply connect your computer to your Whammy pedal's MIDI IN port via a USB to MIDI cable or somethi... (more info)

Honey-Mapper 1.53 by Vayner
225 downloads, 5 Comments utility, hardware, push
Honey Mapper is the successor of my old Sixteen Macros mapping device. You place a Honey Mapper inside a Rack and control it with one of the 8 Macros that the Rack provides. A parameter can be mapped ... (more info)

mouseclick-move-and-click-again 0.4 by b22
45 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware
With this device you can automate mouse-clicks for example to choose randomly presets from plugins that can`t be automated by midi or by keyboard. And all this (thanks to 11olsen) without java! Use a... (more info)

Nord Tools 1.0 by starkaudio
87 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, push
Nord Tools is a set of two Max For Live midi devices that work together to give you control over your Nord Lead synthesizer from Ableton and allow convenient mapping of some parameters as well as keep... (more info)

Mouse-click and move 0.7 by b22
62 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware
Manupulate buttons (i.e. from vst`s) that can`t be automated by midi or by keyboard: automated (and if you need it: randomed) click(s) on a button and change of it`s value by automated move of the c... (more info)

MatrixBrute FilterControl 1.0 by khidr
54 downloads, 0 Comments synth, hardware
I created a M4L device for Ableton that allows you to control the filters of the MatrixBrute from within a clip using clip envelopes. It's based on Robert Henke ControlChange8 Device. I've extended it... (more info)

Digitech Bass Whammy Harmony Sequencer 1.0 by natecraypo
2 Comments sequencer, hardware
This is a sequencer for the harmony settings of a Digitech Bass Whammy pedal. (more info)

automated mouseclick 0.9.3 by b22
58 downloads, 2 Comments utility, other, hardware
automated mouseclick does mouseclick(s) (randomly) on any part of your screen (without java!). So you can manupulate i.e. buttons (from vst`s) that can`t be automated by midi or by keyboard ... Most ... (more info)

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