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volcaBeatsCommander 0.1 by skiplogic
87 downloads, 1 Comments drum, sequencer, effect, utility, hardware
Full control of all the allowed parameters of a KORG Volcabeats. Layout considers the face layout of the physical Volca, provides an interface for all adjustable controls, and allows sequencing throug... (more info)

Knob Banger 1.0 by servicelab
43 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, hardware, dj
A simple knob that sends a C3 note when turned all the way. It's a great way to make something happen (for example: play a crash cymbal) when you reach the end of the knob. here is a demo: https://www... (more info)

Highest Note 1.0 by schmatz
45 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
A MIDI affect which only outputs the note with the highest pitch among those played. (more info)

J74 PitchControl 1.0.2 by fabriziopoce
0 Comments synth, effect, utility
J74 PitchControl is a Max for Live tool for real-time synthetic pitch treatment and harmonization. It allows you to manipulate an input signal through pitch-processing stages such as tuning, re-pitchi... (more info)

SEMPLER 1.0 by Noisscoko
961 downloads, 1 Comments synth, drum, sampler, lfo, sequencer, effect, glitch, other, beta
Sempler is a sequence based sampler that allows you to play and improvise from audio files in many different ways. You can use it's eight step sequencer to set up parameters and values, that can also ... (more info)

NYLON Chord Generator 1.0 by cvolm
780 downloads, 6 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware
Nylon is a chord generator that emulates chord strokes of a guitar. Play up to 6 strings per chord, add dynamics by controlling stroke speed, acceleration and velocity, and humanize each stroke by add... (more info)

PONG Exponential Note Repeater 1.2 by cvolm
722 downloads, 3 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware
Pong is a note repeater that creates exponential or logarithmic repeats. Control the speed of repeats, adjust note decay and velocity, and use the ouput to modulate other devices by mapping it to mult... (more info)

LibreLoop 1.0 by mastrbruce
0 Comments drum, sequencer, effect, other
LibreLoop is a Max for Live device designed for easy, intuitive looping in Live's session view. Designed with the live performer in mind, LibreLoop allows you to record and loop audio and midi clips ... (more info)

One Way by servicelab
165 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
One Way is a mappable knob that acts normal moving up, and while moving down it jumps to a preselected value. Very useful as a dry/wet knob or for effects you only want to work in one direction. see t... (more info)

Godel 3.2 by ernestm
1 Comments synth, lfo, sequencer, effect
Distrobuted as MAX project, because compiled file is >100MB. Download size is ~25MB. * New in 3.2: Completely open Max design; 3x-oversampled SVF filter now has 4-D table-based gain compensation, co... (more info)

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