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DZ-score 1.0 by 8E
0 Comments effect, utility, push
These are devices that show pitches on the staff. It is very convenient when composing music for voices, choir, instrumental music with limited ranges in order to visualise the pitches. This is part... (more info)

Simple Band Pass 1.0 by opticon93
19 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Hi, This has a "flat" (no resonance) LowCut and Hi Cut Filter. Almost everything below LowCut is cut out and most everything above Hi Cut is cut out. It uses 4, 12db/octave [cross~] objects per cha... (more info)

Shaper Filter 1.1 by opticon93
33 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Hi, This is just the Shaper/Filter from my Mini Sample. For me, its one of those little devices that does a lot. Enjoy (more info)

Mini Sample 1.2 by opticon93
33 downloads, 0 Comments sampler, effect, other, beta
Hi folks, Live 10 is great!!!! One of the great things is how so many of the new devices can be easily upgraded with additional circuits. I augmented the built-in "DS Sampler" with a filter (9 type... (more info)

Peak -12db 1.0 by Lovv
41 downloads, 0 Comments effect
This device normalises the signal to -12db peak if the fader is set to 0 db. No fancy stuff just very useful if you want to give out your tracks to an engineer for mixing. Also there are Reset buttons... (more info)

Stereo Ring Modulatorinator 2.0 by RdclDgtCmptrMsc
66 downloads, 0 Comments effect
The stereo Ring Modulatorinator allows you to modulate each audio channel - both R and L. It's pretty simple. Feel free to mod it. Update: 2.0: added the ability to change the waveform of the modulat... (more info)

STARP arpeggio sequencer for Launchpad and APC40 1.0 by Dudeman
199 downloads, 4 Comments sequencer, effect, utility, other, hardware
This device allows the Launchpad to draw arpeggios like a step sequencer and per-step control of velocity, pitch, duration and probability as well as swing, hold, pattern shift and sequence direction.... (more info)

MIDI Shaper 1.0 by ndivuyo
196 downloads, 1 Comments effect, utility
Modification on the new Shaper, it is now a MIDI device that can be triggered via a MIDI note, or manually triggered from a controller. Live 10 only Quick mod I made for a friend. better stuff: dill... (more info)

fp.Remix 1.01 by eltnet
0 Comments effect, push
Multichannels mixer inspired by Make Noise RxMx (and for sure the Grant Richter's "cadavre exquis" mixer aka Exquisite Corpse). https://youtu.be/86NvmgZRfIU Level controls the amplitude and frequen... (more info)

SpectraSketch 1.0 by WillSavin
4 Comments synth, effect, other
This device reads image files as frequency spectrum data, allowing for a variety of effects including unique filtering, phase manipulation and sound generation, or simply encoding the image into the f... (more info)

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