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Meeblip Anode 2.5 Editor 1.1 by halfbyte
136 downloads, 0 Comments hardware
Based on the previous works of irieelectronics and circumjacence, but updated to work with the 2.5 firmware which is running on the special edition white Meeblip Anode (but also works on the original ... (more info)

Meeblip Anode Controller 1.2 by irieelectronics
290 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
This is a M4L device to control Meeblip Anode's parameter. The original M4L device was programmed by circumjacence I redesigned ... (more info)

Meeblip Anode Controller 1.1 by circumjacence
414 downloads, 2 Comments synth, utility, hardware, push
This simple little control panel maps all of the knobs and switches (as well as the two "hidden parameters" of filter envelope, and glide) of the Meeblip Anode into a m4l device. All parameters auto-... (more info)

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