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Name/Version: MAUG 1.2
Author: maximedangles  
Description: MAUG is a drum sequencer based on LFO speed.
ALL parameters are controlled by Breakpoints (Lines). There are 12 parameters :

and 8 mappable parameters.

Each Parameters have their own Speed and Step Numbers.

News in 1.2 :

- adding copy/paste
- external windows for a full edit
- grid steps with snap to grid function
- added curve function (press shift then click on the line)
- grid quantiser is now a part of parameters slider
- several small things...

Have Fun :)



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Downloads: 651
Tags sequencer, glitch
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jan 22 2019 16:31:07
Date Last Updated: Feb 05 2019 10:16:13
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: MDD__MAUG_1.2.amxd


That's such a nice device ! Thank you Max (I'm thanking you personally, not Max Msp / well, they have my eternal thanks as well, btw). Some suggestions for an update : allow the possible transparency of graphs, copy/paste between graphs, make curves -not only, lines - between break points, possibility to show a grid with values, editing on a separate (bigger) window. Anyway, many thx for the share.

This is great fun! thanks for the hard work!! I've discovered that it only seems to work when i drag it into ableton from my download folder though? whereas if i save it inside ableton, it stops working? Otherwise it's the kind of sequencer i've always needed! thanks again!

hangarsliquides > you have some great idea here ! keep in mind everything is possbile with MAX/MSP ;)

maxpigott > That's strange, you should write to the ableton team for this one.

hangarsliquides > i just added some of your request ;)
transparency of graphs is not something i'll add, because there's too much parameters, so it'll be a mess !


Can you give an example of how to use this device?


hmmmm..... i don`t get any midi output/ sound ?
what i`m doing wrong? no errors in the max windo

Many thx for the update (and sorry for my late thx). You rock, man.

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