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Name/Version: Betawave 1.0
Author: trash80  
Description: Betawave is a percussion synthesizer featuring a oscillator wave shape sequencer (Think of how one would create drums on a Commodore 64.) Designed as a drop-in synth for Ableton's drum rack. Example videos and  

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Tags synth, drum
Live Version Used: 9.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Dec 10 2013 13:37:56
Date Last Updated: Dec 22 2013 20:05:35
Device Type: instrument_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike


all the links with github failed.
you can download it but can't be open.
(mac Os 10.6 / live 9 suite)

share or not to share ?

The link to the .zip is right there on the right - it downloads and works just fine... :-/

also; these two are just awesome. Thanks for the share, Trash80!

If you just want to download a specific file, click on the device and download RAW. You cannot right-click save with github.

I just installed github on my computer and used it to sync with the whole repro on the fly to a folder in my user library presets.

Your Betawave demo's on youtube sound great and I would love to work with this..
But strangely.. Betawave doesn't output any audio?the top left blue blinking dot indicates midi trigger, but no sound..:(

BlitterSynth works fine as do other drum synths. (9.1 64bit os x)

Had to update to latest m4l, it works now.

i can not get the presets to work. i put Betawave.amxd and the folder of presets in my Max Instruments folder and each preset i open it can not find Betawave.amxd and when i locate it it just opens as the default set up. am i doing something wrong?

figured it out just needed to be in a folder called Betawave

This device is amazing.. It totally brings me back to my early days of making music.. This is how I like to make drum hits.. by hand.

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