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Name/Version: SuperlooperV2.2 1.0
Author: rbrt23  
Description: Heres the NEW Superlooper!lots of fixes,easier handling!

-its a live-looper syncing to and from LIVE
-you may export your recorded loops to disk
-it will start recording once the audio reaches a set level,or right away
-you may use as many devices as you wish,theres a floating-window-option for easy navigation

there are 4 recording-modes,
-loop:simple loop recording,optional 1/2/x bars length
-master:will set lives tempo to the tempo of your loop
-slave1 and slave2:record in sync to lives playposition

have fun,press help to view the readme


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Downloads: 2251
Tags sampler, effect, utility, dj
Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Jan 14 2012 14:22:08
Date Last Updated: Jan 22 2012 20:40:04
Average Rating (1) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives

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Device File: rbrt_SuperlooperV2.2.amxd



I have been using the older version for a while in conjunction with Ms Pinky. 2 nights ago I finally had a breakthrough with my set up and got it doing precisely what I want.

SO excited about trying this update.

THANKS a million for this kick ass device.

OK, so I already miss having the choice to set Bar length.

How difficult would that be for me to implement, what should I be looking for under the hood?

I really only need 1BAR 2BAR and 4BAR. I rarely do anything other than that.

THANKS rbrt23!!!

thanx for the flowers!! mean you want the recording to automatically start when a new bar starts in live?
...rather than punching into the bar thats currently running?
if so,i can send u some stuff how to do it(or even implement it)
..its relatively easy using the "When" object

if you want to punch in,just use will punch in at the
playposition of LIVE and the keep recoding..once u press stop
again the device will record until the end of the bar that LIVE
is playing.....

I genrally use the previous version like this.

I have some beat I have made playing, I want to record a bass line loop along with it. The loop I am playing might be 2 bars long. I set Superlooper to 2bars, I press REC and use the threshold feature to activate recording, I will sit there and wait for the 1/downbeat of my drums, then start playing along, Superlooper automatically stops recording at the end of 2 bars and resumes playback of the recorded loop. I have customized it a bit so that autoexport sends the file to a Ms Pinky device and my DVS resumes playback. NOW I want to record another loop, this time maybe a synth holding a note for 4 bars. So on super looper I set it to 4 bars using my APC40, hit record wait for the downbeat, play my note, and Superlooper records it for exactly 4 bars and automatically stops and resumes playback.

I miss having the bar length menu. I like having Superlooper recording loops in this fashion because I want these loops to be as perfectly synched to Live as possible. Pushing REC to start and RECORD to stop is not accurate enough for me while playing around with my controllers or keyboards.

I hope that makes since. From what I understand about the new version, it only records for 1 Bar in this fashion.

...ah i get it!! would be the regular loop-mode but for 2 bars length in
the current problem,i will put this back in...
easy as a cheeseee
but try sync2,it starts recording at lives playhead,but everytime
a new bar starts in live,it will automatically record till the end of that bar..
problem is that if u start recording shortly before the start of a bar,
it will record 2 bars even if u meant to be recording one bar..

DUDE, if you put that back in the patch I will be FOREVER GREATFUL.

Hopefully before the month is over I will throw up a video showing how I use all this stuff. Your device is a CENTRAL ingredient in my madness.

....WELL if u are sooo kind..and forever gratefulness is
something my fucked up karma always needs....

so i updated it,hope it works for u now...
the menu bar is right undwrneath the record button...
it defaults to 60 sec cause its the loopers max record length,
but you can set it to 1/2/4/3 aaand 0.5 bars


Well thats just AWESOME. Damn, how am I gonna make it through a full day of work now. I will test this out when I get home laters.

Nice work here man! Thanks agin for implementing my request. Now I get it with the slave2 and what it's doing. Thats really cool, now I need to invest in a foot pedal.

One thing I am curious about. If I have a recorded loop playing, and I stop Live's transport, the loop keep playing. I LIKE THIS, however I was thinking about implementing some toggle on/off feature, so if I wanted it would be "linked2lives" transport.

Id there a reason you took this out? I'm certain I can implement that for myself, but I was just curious what your reasoning was.

AGAIN, this is a SUPER cool device. Well thought out, easy to use, and a lot of fun! Great work.

hm thats true it was in the old one...the problem with the
linking was as far as i remember that it will STOP in SYNC
but it doesnt START in SYNC,because the "live object model"
has freaky unpredictable latencies...quite enough to make
one SICK..
so if u work with synced loops it all gets messed up..
i might try again though,maybe they imrpoved something
or i have a smarter approach now...

pleas send me a link of what you do!

I will try and post a video very soon.

I ma getting this weird behavior form the REC button. I am trying to add a few simple sends features for my Ms Pinky biz, yet sometimes when editing the REC button gets deactivated? Not sure why.

..should only get deactivated during exporting...
as long as its exporting you cant record cause it would blow
a part of the engine.when auto-export is "off",it shouldnt
be safe..otherwise,you found a BUG
when you export to a folder with loads of files,exporting takes
a while because it has to look for a filename thats "free"..
i am about to get this fixed,i just have to check a last time..
i ll let u know

-fade-in wouldnt work
-cycle mode wouldnt reset when recording was canceled
-exporting is faster now

AWESOME, maybe this will fix some of the issues I was discovering last night.

I do this thing where I connect a "send" object to the "sprintf .wav" and send the auto exported files name to my Ms Pinky patch. Using your start and stop bangs inside the patch, I have added a little patching that,
1. Kills the volume on the playing deck
2. unmutes the return track Superlooper is on when loop is done recording and plays the loop 1 time out of Superlooper
3. while Superlooper is playing the loop once, it sends the file name to Ms Pinky.
4. Ms Pinky loads it in to the deck
5. I have added a transport in Ms Pinky that sends a bang one time on the 1/downbeat after steps 1-4 have happened. This bang mutes the return track Superlooper is on, and cues the Ms Pinky device to the beginning of the loop, AND turns on the volume of the playing Ms Pinky deck.

I had this working really nice in your old version. Last night in trying to use the new version, I would wind up with these audio drop outs at the beginning of the loaded loop in Ms Pinky. So hopfully this update solves that issue.


ah!! i see...check it out,if it doesnt work i might build a switch
that allows exporting to be destructive again,meaning
allowing overwrites...
i changed it because now the looper can remember its file-prefix
when u save the set,so people dont get stuck with millions of the looper would have to go back to always
creating a random name on loading...get my point?

when I use auto export and use the file name generated, to load a file into my Pinky patch, the first bit of it had an audio drop out. HOWEVER, if I hit "export" manually again, and reload the file in my patch, there is no drop out. Seems like somethings wrong with auto export?

...yep..i am working on that...all the exporting stuff
is quite tricky...
hey thanks,actually,for the feedback..thats the way its meant to be!

if you find me over at the Ableton forums and private message me your email I would like to share some files with you. I will have a video up on Vimeo today too, maybe in a couple hours or so. I go by JuanSOLO at the Abes forums.


video posted

updated to version 2.2

-superlooper goes back to create random filenames
when its loaded,CAUTION:so there is no 100% guarantee it
doesnt overwrite existing files!!but to me it makes more sense+
it makes the eporting of files quicker.
-fixed some nasty bugs in exporting (clicks)
-new (old) feature:playback may be linked to LIVES transport now
-minor fixes

AWESOME, so excited to give this a test run.

Hi. I am loving this device. However, is there a way to overdub (similar to how the Live looper and thresh-o-loop work)? Basically, I'd like to record a kick and snare and then overdub a hi-hat, etc. Is there a way to do this on the same track? Also, is there a way to quantize the incoming audio (similar to how Live's Looper works)? Thanks!

@ scooter7:: i might put overdubbing back in,the reason i skipped it
is because i am working on a 64-slot looper at the moment..
since u can "push" recorded loops to this device (in realtime,
it actually works!) it makes an overdub-function in the superlooper obsolete..but you are right,its often more fun to have just 1 track,one looper..
anyway,i hope i get the 64-slot madmachine up until end of february..
did you mean quantization in terms of when-to-start-recording?
its not hard to do,i wont put it in for "ideological" reasons
(enemy of quantization!) but i can write u a little patch how to do it...

Hi. Excellent - I can't wait for the 64-slot looper! In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate it if you could write me a patch regarding how to add quantization. What is the best way for you to share that with me? Do you need my email address or will you post the patch on this forum via a link? Also, if you are willing to put overdubbing back into the present device, I would also be very appreciative. Thanks again!

Hi. Excellent - I can't wait for the 64-slot looper! In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate it if you could write me a patch regarding how to add quantization. What is the best way for you to share that with me? Do you need my email address or will you post the patch on this forum via a link? Also, if you are willing to put overdubbing back into the present device, I would also be very appreciative. Thanks again!

Slave 1 and Slave 2 are supposed to start Loop Recording on the 1/downbeat yes?

These do not work for me.


I'm just experimenting with superlooper and my bass. I like this one. Escpecially the Link function.

In the help file your referring to a Looppad. Where can i find this one?
Do you have something like drag n' drop planned? similar to Live's own looper?


nope,slave1 and slave2 will start at the position LIVE is
at in the current LIVE bar,and then record for 1 bar in
slave1 mode or until you press stop in slave2 mode.

there will be an update of SUPERLOOPER soon,i will integrate some feature requests...sooooo...
should i integrate "wait for downbeat"?

looppad will be released soon,i am pretty much done with fixing these nasty BUGS..
drag and drop to LIVE will not be integrated since theres NO WAY to make it work.
drag and drop from LIVE is integrated.
LOOPPAD is a 64-slot loopstation which is able to resample internally,as well as to sample from the "outside",in realtime...there will be 2 flavors,one with
some basic FX per slot,1 without..
to be a bit megalomanic,its a minimalistic DAW running inside who needs drag to LIVE..

I think I finally understand what Slave 1 and 2 are doing. It does what I want it too, but only for 1 bar. It would be great if it recorded as many bars as were set by the dropdown menu.

No need for a downbeat/quantize.

...thats the plan.meanwhile,slave1 will record 1 bar,slave2 should record until u press stop,and then
until the currently recording bar is `full`..

sometimes the export refuses to work. I dont think it's the device, it's like all of the sudden Max stops allowing exporting. I try changing the Path in Max and in Superlooper, I try changing it back. Nothing seems to work.

Do you know why this happens?
-first thought is the "ableton file protection"
-second id if you change the path that shouldnt happen
-third eventually you found a serious bug.i overhauled
the export feature entirely for the "looppad".
so i guess its time to work a bit on "superlooper"

I got it working again.
Not sure what happens, nevertheless it's back in use.

Looking forward to Looppad!
Also, if the export is working better that would be a FANTASTIC thing to implement into Superlooper.

Sometimes when using Superlooper, I export the loop and use the name of that loop to load it into other devices. When I load it into these devices, it has a tendency to cut off the front of the loop. If I re-export it it's fine.

This may or may not be an export issue. It could be an import issue from my other devices.

I will re-post if I ever get to the bottom of it.

....i try to be quick with the superlooper update,
maybe 1st of mai or around that.

meanwhile,dont bother yourself too much with the issue,
i did already =)
i was never really happy as well with the export-feature
because there will be clicks sometimes,the way its done
at the moment ,exporting is not always sample-accurate.
(theres actually quite a bit of randomness in there,and
i dont see the point why)
i came up with a soltution that works far better.

How's the new looper progress coming along?
I'd love to try it out.

I've tried out this device for a little while, and I'm havi a very stange issue with midi mapping.
I'm mapping one footswitch on my FCB1010 to Record and one to Play. This way, I have it on auto play and use the "play" footswitch to stop looping. I'm planning to have four loopers so I can pan the individual loops.
What happens, is that the play footswitch can only start playback. Not stop it. When I map the "play" switch to record, it stops and plays, no prob.
Any thoughts?

When I open the device in Max4live it states some conflicts.
have some conflicts and I can choose between device verision an Disk version. Device versions are from 11-09-2011 and Disk version are from 27-02-2012

Any idea?

HI EVERYONE im back...

@JuanSOLO--i start working again on the whole looper-issue,
i want to rewrite some critical parts..this could involve using
max6,although its still quite BUGGY (some objects are broken)
question to you--what do YOU thnik about m4l and max6?
@hzd---the conflicts you report are due to the fact you are using
a newer version of shouldnt make a difference which version you choose.
the "play" -issue::I will have to look it up.its probably something
i havent thought about people would try to do,so this is quite
helpful for me!

Hi Rbtr,
Love your looper! Great job!

I just miss 2 features, hope it'll give you some ideas.

1) I can't find a reset/clear sample button to erase the last sample (mappable if possible).
I'm building a rack with single knob action in mind, so I trigger record at max value and would erase the sample at minimum value, and between I would use something like the 1 knob Fade to grey...

2) Can you make slave 1 affected by the loop lenth selection?

Those two features would really be life saver for my live set.

Thank you!

He findingthesound,

-reset button sounds like a good feature..

-slave 1 is always dependant on lives transport,
BUT i am working on a new version of SUPERLOOPER,
which Will eventually have a transport of its own...
As well as overdubbing,and a lot of improvements...
So i will proably add a reset-button as well..

Buuut this will take some time,i guess until june...


...this will be updated to superlooper v3 very soon!!

Any chance to have the speed control of Live Looper?

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